Runes of Magic puts a spin on standard classing
by adding
the Dual Class system.  Setting it apart not only from the free to
format but also spicing up the MMO world in general. This alone can
cause an
amount of uncertainty for any game so join resident TTH Runes player
as he explores the dual class options for the Warden; one of the newer

Wardens, being the only real “pet
class” in Runes of Magic, have a distinct advantage over their counter
parts as they can add extra damage with their pet or stay the enemy for
a short period of time.  It is important to point out this appears
to be a VERY short time as the health pool of the pet is very small
(perhaps some sunscreen would help?)  As you level some of your
skills, both regular and elite, are pet only skills.  This
information is very useful since I know of one player who was spamming
a skill trying to figure out why it would not work. Okay it was me,

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016