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Character advancement works a bit differently in Skyforge than in other MMOs, but one genre staple that remains is character stats. In this guide we’ll be taking a look at each stat, how it impacts your character in combat, and ways they can be improved over time.

You can view your stats at any time by opening the Character window (I). The Stats display will be automatically expanded in on the Equipment screen, though it can also be expanded on the Ability screen by clicking on the Stats tab pinned to the right side of the screen.

Stats are shared across all classes you have unlocked, though there will be a few ways you can adjust them to fit the particular playstyle of a given class. We’ll look at this under the Adjusting Stats section of this guide. First, however, we’ll be talking a look at the core stats.

Core Stats

There are six (6) core stats in Skyforge that will have a direct impact on combat. There are also a number of secondary stats to be aware of, but to start out we’ll take a closer look at the core stats. These include:

  • Might – Increases base damage
  • Stamina – Increases your maximum health
  • Strength – Increases minimum base damage
  • Valor – Increases bonus damage
  • Luck – Increases critical damage
  • Spirit – Increases impulse damage

These six stats will directly influence the totals for Base Damage, Bonus Damage, Critical Damage, and Impulse Damage as shown within the Character window.

Base Damage

Your character’s basic skill damage. This displays a min / max damage amount which can be influenced by increasing the secondary stat Accuracy. Accuracy will increase the minimum damage amount, bringing it closer to the maximum, thus helping increase your potential DPS.

Bonus Damage

Bonus skill damage proportional to the opponent’s current health. The more health they have, the higher the damage inflicted. This can be increased by the secondary stat Temper which also increases the change that the ability will inflict maximum bonus damage regardless of the target’s health.

Critical Damage

This is bonus damage that’s added when your character lands a critical hit.

Impulse Damage

This total displays the bonus damage inflicted by skills that use Impulse Charge.

Improving Core Stats

Core stats can be increased in a number of different ways. The most common methods of increasing your stats include:

  • Primary & Secondary weapons
  • Rings will increase multiple stats
  • Unlocking certain nodes in the Class and Ascension Atlas

Once you’ve reached 2000 Prestige you will unlock the Orders system. As you establish and upgrade chapels in the various provinces, you will be able to improve your core and secondary stats. Once available, you can view any bonuses you have by opening the Orders window (O). On the main Summary screen in the bottom left panel you can view Bonuses from Buildings in Provinces as shown below.

Secondary Stats

There are also a number of secondary stats that can impact your overall damage, combat performance, and survivability. These can also be viewed in the Character window, along with basic descriptions of how they impact your character.

Secondary Stats that Impact Overall Character Growth

  • Proficiency – This allows you to equip more powerful items, and will see regular increases as you unlock certain nodes in the Class and Ascension Atlas
  • Greatness – Allows you to build magnificent temples in the provinces where your order’s influence is strong. Increased by unlocking certain nodes in the Ascension Atlas. Current total can be viewed in the Summary view of the Orders window.

Combat Effectiveness and Survivability

  • Critical Chance – Directly influences your critical hit chance
  • Discharge Recovery – Increases the frequency of Impulse Charge and the amount of impulse damage
  • Accuracy – This brings the minimum base damage closer to the maximum (increasing DPS potential) and also increases your Strength’s influence on base damage
  • Temper – Increases bonus damage and the chance that the ability will inflict maximum bonus damage regardless of the target’s health.
  • Crushing Blow – Has a certain chance to increase base damage two times
  • Violence – If you have less than 50% health, your damage will be increased by a certain percent
  • Solidity – Increases Might by a certain percent of your Stamina
  • Ranged Damage – Increases the damage inflicted to enemies at a distance of more than 20 yards
  • Vigor – Increases your damage when chasing an enemy
  • Health Bonus – Increases maximum health
  • Shield Power – Increases the effectiveness of damage absorption effects
  • Endurance – Reduces incoming damage if it exceeds 10% of your maximum health
  • Regeneration – Restores part of the health lost in combat if take no damage for 4 seconds
  • Block – Occasionally decreases the incoming damage by a certain percent of your Stamina
  • Adaptation - Incoming damage is temporarily reduced if you take consistent hits
  • Dash Activation – Reduces activation time for the Dash ability

PvP Effectiveness and Invasions

There are also a handful of secondary stats that will directly impact your survivability in PvP against other immortals, or during high-level invasions.

  • Melee Defense – Reduces damage from the melee attacks of other immortals
  • Ranged Defense – Reduces damage from the ranged attacks of other mortals
  • Tactical Sense – Increases the percentage of defense ignored by your attacks when fighting certain high-level invasion monster

There are also resistances to Cold, Electricity, Poison, Radiation, and Hypnosis that will decrease environmental damage when you fight bosses of certain invasions.



There are a number of ways in which you can directly increase your stats. The primary method will be through unlocking most transitional nodes in the Class and Ascension atlas. Unlocking these nodes will give you a permanent and direct increase to the listed stat, as well as an increase to your overall Prestige.

As shown above, certain nodes will also increase your Proficiency rating. These can be important to unlock as they will help determine what gear you’re able to equip. These nodes will most commonly be found within the Ascension Atlas, though some can also be found within each of the Class Atlases.

Gear Upgrades

Equipping better items (weapons and rings early on) will also improve your stats. You can also make incremental improvements by upgrading the associated slots in the Equipment tab of the Character window. For more details on item upgrades, be sure to check out our complete guide.


When you reach 1500 Prestige you will be prompted to meet your first Follower. Followers are part of the Orders system which will unlock at 2000 Prestige. This is a fairly complex system that involves gaining Followers, collecting and leveling up Adepts, and placing structures within the available Provinces.

The Orders system can be fairly involved so we’ll be discussing it in more detail in a separate guide. For the sake of this guide, it is worth noting that as you advance your Order you will also be increasing your core stats and overall Prestige. You will also be able to place chapels within provinces that will allow you to increase secondary stats. You will be able to set one chapel as active for each province you have unlocked, further increasing your potential benefits.

Adjusting Stats for a Specific Class

For the most part, you’ll be able to freely switch between active classes and not have to worry about manually swapping out new sets of gear. However, you can improve the combat effectiveness of a given class if you make some minor adjustments. Early on this won’t be as critical, but as your Prestige increases and combat scenarios become more difficult, you will want to consider swapping out a few things to fit your active class.

Some tips in this area include:

  • Provided you have room in your bags, keeping some extra rings with different stat boosts can be helpful
  • Consider unlocking multiple chapels within each Province unlocked for your Order. Each will have a different bonus, and can be set as active at any point through the Provinces screen in the Orders UI.
  • As you progress through the Ascension Atlas, you will begin unlocking Symbols. These can be actively slotted similar to Talents but provide benefits regardless of your active class. Be sure to review and select Symbols that best suit your current class for maximum benefit.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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