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    1. Bring Zeratul to each
    2. Zeratul must survive
    3. Obtain Zerg Research
      from destroyed


    1. Whispers
      of Doom [15]
      - Complete all
      mission objectives.
    2. Stalker
      Delight [10]
      - Complete the
      mission on Normal difficulty with 3 or more stalkers.
    3. Merely
      a Flesh Wound [10]
      - Complete
      the mission on Hard difficulty without Zeratul suffering life damage.
    4. Meta:
      Prophecy Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Prophecy mission achievements.


is a mission that brings you back to the mission style of Warcraft
, where you control a hero
and use his or her abilities to control
the flow of the mission. Zeratul has two abilities:

  • Blink
    - Short range
    teleport. 10 second cooldown.

  • Warp
    - Target is stunned
    and loses detection for 12 seconds. 22 second cooldown.

You’ll need to make
the most of these abilities to get
through the challenges ahead. The first half of the mission is fairly
simple and
obvious. If there is a unit with stealth detection, disable it with
Warp Field and either kill
it, or kill the defenders that would attack Zeratul
otherwise. If there is a gap, Blink across it. You
can do this.

Do not be afraid to sit back
and observe an area. Noticing
the patrols of the Zerg and catching them at the outskirts can be used
to your advantage in taking out a lone Overseer or Mutalisk.
If you’re having trouble with the Broodlords, they can be
baited to break formation and come after you. Lure them into
range, then blink on top of them and stun them with Zeratul.
That will ensure that no lasting damage is taken.

The first truly threatening
part of this mission is the Baneling
Alley. There’s a long narrow passage, with a spot
to put your Stalkers in the middle. The Banelings will charge
immediately once fired upon. Your instinct will be to keep
Zeratul back, but note that there is no detection along the east side
of the passage. Get him in there and have him taking units
out is key to getting the achievement, and perhaps even
survival. You cannot afford to lose more than one stalker in
this mission to get the achievement and succeed.

Once you rally up with the High
Templar, give your Stalkers an attack
move command and have Zeratul begin attacking as well. The
moment the air units come into view, stun one of the Brood Lords and
focusing on the Mutalisks. Once they are down, focus on the
unstunned Brood Lord and then finish the job. The Nydus Worms
will begin to rise up at this point, so put your Stalkers on high
ground to bombard from below, and have Zeratul target the worms
personally to take them out. The Zealot army will take
casualties from the Ultralisks whether you like it or not,
I’m afraid. But so long as most of them survive,
you’ll survive the coming timed escape.

Once the ol’ Queen
shows up, escape is all that
matters. If you have 5 Stalkers at this point, you have the
achievement in the bag. Do not bother shooting anything and
don’t worry about detection. Warp past destructible
rocks so that the pursuers have to deal with them instead of
you. Blink every time it’s up and you can bypass
most terrain obstacles, and all you have to do is make it to the beacon
alive to finish the mission instantly.

Now go back and watch that
awesome cut scene again. You know
you want to.


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    1. Power the unpowered
      Protoss Base
    2. Free the Preservers (3
      Zerg Research)
    3. Power the other
      unpowered buildings (3
      Protoss Research)


    1. A
      Sinister Turn [15]
      - Complete
      all mission objectives.
    2. Out
      for Justice [10]
      - Kill all
      Protoss in the mission on Normal difficulty.
    3. Maar-ked
      for Death [10]
      - Complete the
      mission on Hard difficulty in less than 25 minutes.
    4. Meta:
      Prophecy Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Prophecy mission achievements.


Finally, something different to
make besides SCVs!

You start off in an unpowered
Protoss base. Begin by
constructing Pylons where the image shows up. Pylons power
all Protoss buildings in a wide radius and provide food for the
race, acting as both a power source and the equivelant of the Terran
Supply Depot. Quickly get your probe count up to snuff.
This is one of the first missions that will truly test your ability to
play the game.

You have two ramps to defend,
but static defenses are NOT the
answer. Once the nearby Protoss start attacking,
you’ll get a cutscene later of a new threat: a
Zerg/Protoss hybrid, Maar. Do not be intimidated by
him. Maar has 3 stages depending on how long the fight plays

  • Stage
    - 700 hp, 700
    Shields. 1 Armor, 20 attack(30 against
    buildings). Marr will blink around to a new target every few

  • Stage
    - 900 HP, 900
    Shields. Maar gains a new ability that pins targets in the
    air for a few seconds, and deals 60 damage to them during
    this. He will cast on several of your units at a time.

  • Stage
    - 1200 HP, 1200
    Shields. Maar gains another new ability - a charged blast
    that he’ll hurl at a nearby structure. This does a
    whopping ~450 damage, and one shots Pylons and Photon Cannons as a
    result. This is why you’re not going to build
    Photon Cannons, as they’re completely worthless once he hits
    this phase.

Every time he is killed, Maar
revives in about a minute. Every
three revives or so, he gains a level and a new ability, as well as
becoming tougher. No matter how tough he is, the fact that he
switches targets so often, doesn’t deal a lot of splash
damage, and is actually pretty weak means he’s not a
threat. A cluster of Zealots and Stalkers, 5 of each, can
swarm and kill him with little trouble and likely no casualties.

Your main goal is to build up
an unstoppable force while holding off
the attacks. The renegade Protoss will also strike at you
with a mix of Stalkers and Zealots, and the occasional Archon and
Sentry later on. The first step in bolstering your forces is
to grab the nearby Robotics Facility and Dark Shrine. They
only have a guard of one Stalker and Zealot, respectively.
Three Zealots are enough to capture these with a pylon behind
them. You don’t have to worry about defending them
as they’ll never come under attack unless you put the Pylon
near the path they’d take to attack you.

Capturing each one will give
you an Immortal and two Dark
Templar. Add the Immortal to your defense group, and send the
Dark Templar out on a mission to kill all of the straggler defenses and
pylons. There are no detectors on this map besides Maar and
Photon Cannons. As such, Dark Templar can clear the map
besides the base in the bottom left, top right, and outside the
Preservers. Hop to it!

While you’re doing
all of this, queue up your Forge upgrades
and put up 3-5 extra Gateways. Make sure you’re
harvesting with at least 16 probes and 3 on each gas, as time is of the
essence. When your upgrades are done and you’re
packing at least 15 Stalkers, 15 Zealots, and whatever else you decide
to bring, it’s time to stick it to a base. Take the
fight to Maar around the middle of the map, and then lash out at one of
the side bases. They have a handful of Void Rays, Archons,
Immortals and the like but are so spread out and unfocused that
they’ll fall like dominoes to your charging

Replenish your forces, smack
around again, and then demolish the other base. Expand to
both, and you don’t need defenses at either one.
Remember to power the Templar Archives on the right side of the map for
a research point and to access High Templar!

You should rally outside the
bridge to the Preservers’ base
next. When you’re packing at least 20
Zealots and 20 Stalkers, and whatever High Templar or Archons you
prefer with your excess gas, you’re ready to storm
in. Slap maar in the face with your massive Army, and then
demolish all that stands in your way between your army and his
prison. Make sure you destroy everything in their base to get
the Achivement for crushing all Protoss. Maar might revive
again, only to die instantly to your forces that are crushing his

Do this in 25 minutes on Hard
difficulty, and you receive another easy achievement under
your belt, and a good command of how the Protoss ground army works.


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    1. Reach the Nexus
    2. Bring Zeratul to the
      Overmind’s Tendrils (4 Zerg Research)
    3. Zeratul must survive
    4. Power the Obelisks (2
      Protoss Research)


    1. Echoes
      of the Future [15]
      - Complete
      all mission objectives.
    2. Army
      of One [10]
      - Complete the
      mission with Zeratul killing 50 Zerg units on Normal difficulty.
    3. Overmind
      Dead Body [10]
      - Complete the
      mission on Hard difficulty in less than 20 minutes.
    4. Meta:
      Prophecy Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Prophecy mission achievements.


Man, I never wanted to see this
ugly Overmind again.

You start off wandering to the
southwest with nothing more than Zeratul
and an Observer. Zeratul has the same abilities he had in the
first mission, Whispers of Doom, so he can Blink and stun targets as
Since this mission is much less scripted though, it’s risky
to throw
him into the fray unless you pay close attention to blink out of
trouble, but you don’t really have a choice at first.

Move forward
and you’ll get an Observer. Move forward with
Zeratul and the Observer, killing all burrowed units in your path until
you reach the base. Powering it will reward you with one of
the best Protoss units money can buy against the Zerg - the
Colossus. The position they are on once they rise out of the
sea is wonderful and you might as well leave them there for the
majority of the mission, as they’ll fend off any attacks
coming from the north almost singlehandedly.

Do your economy thing and get
your probe count up. You have
some basic defenses to the north and east, but you want to get some to
the west as well. You’ll see why soon
enough. In the meantime, have Zeratul scout and
kill everything he can to the north and east, and the northeastern
plateau next to your base. Zeratul should easily
rack up the 50 kills needed for the achievement doing this, and
you’ll save your combat units that are needed to clean up the
difficult parts of the map in the process. Remember to have
your forge upgrade everything as fast as you can. Note that you can
also upgrade to level 2 upgrades now.

The Frenzied Assault timer will
begin, and every 3 and a half minutes,
the Zerg will spawn 0-2 Nydus Worms around your base and spew a variety
of units. This starts with Zerglings, but escalates to
Roaches, Hydralisks, Ultralisks, and perhaps the most dangerous,
Banelings. Be careful charging at these with
Zealots, as a few baneling explosions will render your entire front
line dead or near death. You do not have to kill the worm,
and probably shouldn’t. They’re beefy at
600 HP, and disappear after delivering their payload. If they
spawn to the north, let the Colossi handle most of it. To the
east or west, let defenses and your army deal with it.

Every time a frenzied assault
ends, it’s time to move
out. The easiest tendril to assault is north of your
base. It only has a handful of air units, detectors, and
miscellaneous ground units to defend. Zeratul can dispatch
most of it himself, and then hit beacon #1. Every time
Zeratul hits a beacon, he gets a full heal. Keep this in mind
and don’t be afraid to have him get dirty - he does a
ton of damage!

Storm east next, with a mix of
Stalkers and
Zealots. You’ll find a lovely infested
town, and your Zealots will walk over everything here with relative
ease. Tendril #2 is here, hit it and return to
base. At this point you should probably expand if
you’re not going for the speed achievement, to either the
plateau or to the infested base. If you’re not
going to expand on the plateau, at least build a Pylon up there to
secure the Obelisk, which summons some free reinforcements and nets you
a Warp Gate.

Once attack #2 or 3 is over,
you should have a fairly substantial force
of Stalkers and Zealots. Take them north of your base and
storm to the top left tendril. You’ll find a lot of
burrowed forces in your path, and an Ultralisk or two.
Zeratul can stun and kill Ultralisks with no effort, but you might want
to save your stun for the Brood Lords that are also hovering
around. Have your stalkers blink up to them and hit them hard
before the Broodlings get out of control.

Transition to Colossi or High
Templar/Archons during the next attack
and send in your final force to stop on the Ultralisks and Hydralisks
guarding the final tendril. Zeratul makes it so easy!


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    1. Kill 2000 enemies
    2. Fight to the last man!
    3. The Archive must survive
      the first 25
      minutes (Research)


    1. In
      Utter Darkness [15]
      - Complete
      all mission objectives.
    2. Semi-Glorious
      - Kill 250 additional Zerg
      units on Normal difficulty.
    3. Blaze
      of Glory [10]
      - Kill 750
      additional Zerg units on Normal difficulty.
    4. Meta:
      Prophecy Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Prophecy mission achievements.


First of all, hats off to
Blizzard for this one. This mission
is absolutely epic. First, take a look at your
surroundings. You have three
wide bridge entrances. You have a plethora of Cannons
throughout your base. You have a very good income stream
already, good production, and everything is in place basically.

It’s not good enough.

You can rest assured that you
are going to have everything thrown at
you in this mission. Immediately queue up 5 more probes from each nexus
the minerals, and reinforce your defenses. I would advise
having 4 teams for this mission:

  1. Your ground combat force.
  2. Your air combat force.
  3. Your ground production.
  4. Your air production.

All of these will be active
killing things and producing things by the
end of this mission, or you will die. And that’s
okay. Death is the end of this mission once you kill 2000
units. If you die before then you just wasted a
lot of time and have to start over. Do it right the first

First of all, upgrades are
important. The Zerg will be upgrading
quickly, so you need to do the same. Queue up your
forge AND cybernetics core with armor and weapons, and even pick up
shields since you’ll be using a lot of Photon Cannons this

Next, let's look at unit
composition. The enemy will be throwing masses of
units at you. You have a few answers - Archons,
Templar, Colossi. One of these requires a lot less work to
be effective and survive than the others. I had my first team
consist of miscellaneous ground units, and 10 Colossi. These
can incinerate anything before it damages your cannons too much, but
suffer from mobility problems.

For air, hold off for a while
and just use a squad of
Phoenixes. You’ll see why.

The waves begin hard and fast.
You can see them coming with
Observers. The moment you see a large purple cluster show up,
get in position over there pronto. Do not chase outside the
range of your cannons. Keep the enemy near so you can get
more shots on them before they hit your defenses.

Once the Phoenix squadron
arrives, waves will strike multiple sides at
once. Split your Colossi up and you should survive no
problem. Keep making units and don't forget queue up your second tier
upgrades! Maintain your focus. Mutalisks and
Broodlords will strike from strange angles from the skies and bust up
your defenses on the walls if you’re not paying
attention. Swarm them with your air before they can do that.

When the Void Rays arrive, you
can now queue up Carriers to be
built. Carriers can strike from behind your cannon lines,
which is what matters most. They can still hit Brood Lords
when it counts as well, and don’t have the charge up time of
Void Rays. You still have to be careful of Hydra packs, they
can reduce your interceptor count in a hurry.

Keep restoring your defenses as
the Hybrids smash into them.
Do not lose focus or hope. The archive only has to survive a
bit longer, and then you can fall back. When in doubt, throw
up some Zealots for a meat shield, or build more Colossi.

Once the carrier matriarch
arrives, you should have a very, very strong
air force. You are upgrading your air units, right?
The archive should almost be complete at this point, so prepare your
defenses at the ramp further back in your base. Wall it off
completely. There’s no reason to venture forth with
the positioning possible there. Colossi can be placed in
between the ramps and fire down at anyone threatening.

Nydus worms will begin spawning
all over the place. Put a few
cannons by your Nexus and production structures to ensure no rogue
Zerglings get in your probes and start ruining your day.

Once the man himself shows up
(I don’t want to spoil it if
you haven’t played it yet!), you might want to turn down your
visual settings depending on your system specs. LOTS of things will be
getting cloaked and
my computer finally began to buckle on Ultra.

Do not stop
making units! Issue attack move commands left and
right, and keep restoring your defenses as they’re taken
out. This is your final stand. You are going to hit
2000 kills and surpass it fairly easily if you've survived this long.
Once you hit 2500 kills, the
real fun begins. Corruptor packs will begin spawning and
swarming you, and this is when you have to focus and keep yourself
alive more than ever. Corruptors devour your Carriers in a
few volleys, so don’t be afraid to use the special ability on
the big man’s ship to remove them from the game for a few

All things will come to an end
unfortunately. Once
you’ve hit 3000 kills, the rest is bragging rights.
Good luck!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016