StarCraft II Mission Guides Part Six: The Prophecy Missions

Posted Tue, Aug 03, 2010 by Stow

StarCraft II Mission Guides

Zeratul Mission 1 - WHISPERS OF DOOM


    1. Bring Zeratul to each beacon
    2. Zeratul must survive
    3. Obtain Zerg Research from destroyed Hatcheries


    1. Whispers of Doom [15] - Complete all mission objectives.
    2. Stalker Delight [10] - Complete the mission on Normal difficulty with 3 or more stalkers.
    3. Merely a Flesh Wound [10] - Complete the mission on Hard difficulty without Zeratul suffering life damage.
    4. Meta: Prophecy Mastery [20] - Complete all the Prophecy mission achievements.


This is a mission that brings you back to the mission style of Warcraft III, where you control a hero and use his or her abilities to control the flow of the mission. Zeratul has two abilities:

  • Blink - Short range teleport. 10 second cooldown.

  • Warp Field - Target is stunned and loses detection for 12 seconds. 22 second cooldown.

You’ll need to make the most of these abilities to get through the challenges ahead. The first half of the mission is fairly simple and obvious. If there is a unit with stealth detection, disable it with Warp Field and either kill it, or kill the defenders that would attack Zeratul otherwise. If there is a gap, Blink across it. You can do this.

Do not be afraid to sit back and observe an area. Noticing the patrols of the Zerg and catching them at the outskirts can be used to your advantage in taking out a lone Overseer or Mutalisk. If you’re having trouble with the Broodlords, they can be baited to break formation and come after you. Lure them into range, then blink on top of them and stun them with Zeratul. That will ensure that no lasting damage is taken.

The first truly threatening part of this mission is the Baneling Alley. There’s a long narrow passage, with a spot to put your Stalkers in the middle. The Banelings will charge immediately once fired upon. Your instinct will be to keep Zeratul back, but note that there is no detection along the east side of the passage. Get him in there and have him taking units out is key to getting the achievement, and perhaps even survival. You cannot afford to lose more than one stalker in this mission to get the achievement and succeed.

Once you rally up with the High Templar, give your Stalkers an attack move command and have Zeratul begin attacking as well. The moment the air units come into view, stun one of the Brood Lords and begin focusing on the Mutalisks. Once they are down, focus on the unstunned Brood Lord and then finish the job. The Nydus Worms will begin to rise up at this point, so put your Stalkers on high ground to bombard from below, and have Zeratul target the worms personally to take them out. The Zealot army will take casualties from the Ultralisks whether you like it or not, I’m afraid. But so long as most of them survive, you’ll survive the coming timed escape.

Once the ol’ Queen shows up, escape is all that matters. If you have 5 Stalkers at this point, you have the achievement in the bag. Do not bother shooting anything and don’t worry about detection. Warp past destructible rocks so that the pursuers have to deal with them instead of you. Blink every time it’s up and you can bypass most terrain obstacles, and all you have to do is make it to the beacon alive to finish the mission instantly.

Now go back and watch that awesome cut scene again. You know you want to.



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