Sometimes, the muscle of Zealots and Stalkers just isn't enough to get the job done. The highly specialized Robotics units exist to break through these stalemates, by providing a blend of utility and brute force. These units are strong enough that their traits warrant a higher cost, high build time, and fairly simple counter, but if your opponent fails to react, the Robotics Facility units will surely be their downfall! We give you the tips and tricks needed to make these expensive toys worth your while, so warp over here for your Protoss primer!

Roach openings from Zerg, which are becoming more rare due to the Roach now being 2 supply each, are especially vulnerable to fast Immortals. Having 2 or more Immortals in your force basically forces your opponent to abandon the heavy ground game and come at you with their initial combat units--Marines, Zealots and Zerglings. Since all of these are Light targets that deal less than 10 damage per hit, the Immortal's effectiveness is crippled if it is forced to engage a small (literally) force.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016