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by Zinn

Psionicist class is not for the faint of heart or the new player. It is
one of
the most challenging classes to play. A
Psionicist must have great knowledge of his class,
the ability to react quickly, a cool head, and spatial awareness. He
must also practice good
communication skills with his group. Watching
skilled psionicist play is a thing of beauty.
A skilled

psionicist makes hard to impossible fights seem

Psioncists are primarily known for the their crowd control spells but
they bring much more to the group in the form of added damage,
counterpselling, energy
regeneration buffsm and the ability to heal group members'

Sigil's Official

The Psionicist is the master of the psionic energies, having abilities
to give the power to blast foes with mental energy, create large area
destructive spells, stop a foe's heart and even enter opponents minds,
rendering them paralyzed. The Psionicist uses powers to destroy the
enemy ranks and to protect and augment his allies. The Psionicist is a
poor melee combatant, but his vast mental powers more than make up for

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class="pn-content-page-body"> class="pn-content-page-body">Psionicist at a Glance class="pn-content-page-body"> 

class="pn-content-page-body"> class="pn-content-page-body"> class="pn-content-page-body"> class="pn-content-page-body">Races: class="pn-content-page-body">High Elf, Thestran, Dark Elf,
Kurashasa, Mordebi, Qaliathari, Goblin, Kojani, Half Elf, Raki style="font-weight: bold;">


two-handed staffs

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Class News
& Information:

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can choose to be in
one of five concentrations at any given time. Pscionicist
concentrations are:
Astral Form, Phrenic Range, Thought Thief, Cerebral Bastion and style="">  Greater Astral Form. Each
concentration has a
specific benefit.
The first concentration, Astral Form, is available at level 10. As the
Psionicist gains in levels she will gain access to additional

the psionicist is
able to learn a new concentration he will be notified by his
trainer to
out this new information at a gestalt somewhere in Telon. 
Gestalts are ruins
scattered around Telon
that Psionicists must visit to learn some new abilities and spells.

  • href="">List
    of Psionicist concentrations
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    The Psionicist is the best crowd
    control class in
    Vanguard.  The Psionicist has three main forms of crowd
    Charm, Mesmerizing, and Simulacrum.


    Psionicists can charm MOBs, not only taking them
    out of the fight, but forcing them to fight on behalf of the
    psionicist, thus giving the psionicist a temporary pet. Only
    MOB may be charmed at any given time.

    Using crowd control spells creates great
    hate and it is important that the Psionicists reduces that hate before
    releasing her pet. One way many pscionicists reduce hate is by
    releasing the charmed pet while the last enemy is close  to
    and then “mezzing” the MOB and casting
    mindwipe. This
    will give the tank a better change of gaining aggro.

    There are 2 lines of Psionicist charm spells.

    1. Suggestion 
      - This spell can only be
      cast on the same MOB once and its duration is limited to 20-30
      seconds.  This is more of an emergency spell where a MOB can
      shut down quickly due to this spell’s quick one second cast
    2. Enthrall 
      -  There are three ranks of
      Enthrall where the charm has a maximum length of 3, 5 and  7
      minutes.  This spell can be cast an unlimited number of
      times.  When the spell is about to break you will get a
      message in
      your chat box that your charm is about to break. 


    “Mezzing” a MOB simply means putting
    it to sleep. It will not be able to attack, cast or engage in
    battle. If the MOB is attacked the mez will be
    broken.  MOBs that are mezzed will appear
    faded. There are two types of psionicist mezzes.

    1. Time
      – Single target 45 second 
      This spell can be repeatedly cast on the same target and only one MOB
      may be under the influence of Time Trick at one time.  When
      Trick breaks the enemy will have short debuff that slows movement and
      attack speed.
    2. Time
      -  This spell mesmerizes all enemy targets
      within 10 meters for 6 seconds.  The highest level version of
      spell with last 10 seconds.


    This is a clone spell which produces a
    duplicate of the target, attacking the enemy but doing no
    The clone distracts the MOB while your group fights other enemies. Each
    time the enemy attacks the clone it has to see through the illusion and
    dispel the clone.



    gain new skills and abilities not only by visiting their trainer but
    by finding relics, called Gestalts, scattered across the world of
    Telon.  Psionicist trainers will notify you when you are ready
    learn a new ability from a gestalt and they will mark the location on
    your map. Presently psionicists can learn all their
    concentrations at gestalts along with the following spells: Telekentic
    Blast, Corporeal Hammer, Resurgence, Mass Expansive Mind and Mass



    A weakness is a player created
    vulnerability in your enemy that
    remains for a short period of time. Some weaknesses can be
    exploited by
    using certain skills.  When
    one exploits
    a weakness the attack used becomes more powerful and may add more than
    additional damage but may debuff the enemy or buff you or your party. style="">  Psionicists can create
    three weaknesses:
    Lethargic, Stunned and Vulnerable. They also can exploit the Enraged
    and Shaken



    Psionicists can enter into a special global chat with
    Psionicists when using a special Union of Thought ability. There
    is no other global
    chat in Vanguard
    other than that for Psionicists.



    While psionicists excel at
    crowd controls and have many
    useful utility spells, they can also adequately fill the role of damage
    dealer. Pscionicists
    have very powerful
    damage over time spells (DoTs) along with potent direct damage spells
    and area
    of attack spells.

    style="font-weight: bold;">Mindspy

    Psionicists will be able to
    read enemy minds and rumor has
    it that they can gain special temporary abilities to fight against


    Psionicists are the best power
    (mana) regeneration buffer
    class and they have the ability to heal other players energy bars. style="">  Psionicists have lots of
    other buffs
    including increased resistances, attribute increases and more.


    Psionicists are masters of
    illusions and can transform their
    appearance into other races and even make them and their group become
    invisible. Right
    now illusions will not
    effect your faction but Sigil has said it is their intention that these
    illusions will someday temporarily change your faction.


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    Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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