All Your Fortified Base
are Built Here

Far to the North in Valverde Marshes stands a lonely AFS Base known as
Falcon Hold. The esteemed AFS command in Richard Garriott’s Tabula
Rasa, in their infinite wisdom, decided the marshy and dank area known
as The Northern Mud Pit would be a fantastic area (sound like Florida,
anyone?) to build a fortified base. Ten Ton Hammer has the guide to
take you through the missions offered here.

You’ll be in the heart of Bane territory as you work
mission, and be wary of the Bane squads that usually consist of a
Shield Drone, Caretaker, couple Machina with massive EMP weapons and
random Thrax soldiers. After your fifth sample, return to Researcher
Vetter for a reward of 5400 credits and choice of Cryo Blade, Healing
Disc, Cryo Shotgun or Virulent Staff. Oh, and find a shower – you smell
like swamp water.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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