Theft? Assassinations?
Sabotage? What's Not to Like!

Beyond the rolling hills and babbling brooks of the Pools zone sits a
wasteland created by the Bane in an effort to develop the perfect
weapon. At the center of this destruction sits the Lamna Armory, a
testament to the seriousness of enemy research. You and your squad will
need to infiltrate this base, steal technology, assassinate
researchers, and sabotage equipment. Sound exciting? It is, so check
out our guide to see what you are up against.

Lamna Armory is a weapons testing and storage
facility that the Bane
are utilizing to develop new weapon technologies. The armory houses
storage for standard Bane weapons as well as a research section where
new prototype weapons are developed. The enemy in the instance are
levels 33-36, and there are four bosses to take down (two of which

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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