Doctor, it hurts when I...

This isn’t your old familiar MMOG healer class, hiding behind the rest
of the squad for protection. Medics can buff and heal with one hand,
and smack the Bane down with the other. In a continuing mission to
create a guide for every Tabula Rasa class choice, Ten Ton Hammer
brings you an overview to the tier 4 Specialist class, Medic.

Gone are the days of the quiet MASH units, when
doctors waited for the
wounded to be brought to them. These days the AFS healers are in the
thick of battle, racking up their own kill counts. The strength of a
Medic lies in their buffs and debuffs, and their versatile offensive
weapons. A big asset to squads, and an able-bodied soloer, the Tabula
Rasa Medic answers the call to fight the Bane menace.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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