Everything's fine until
they make off with your watermelon!

Like ants, the Atta are an annoying race of insects who can do a lot more than ruin your picnic. These creatures are giant are not only capable of throwing rocks, but spitting a vile poison that tastes much like fancy restaurant soup. You and your squad have been tasked to head into the Ojasa Colony, home of the Atta, and assist AFS operations there. Ten Ton Hammer has put together a guide for this instance which will provide you walkthroughs for every mission.

Ojasa Colony is an interesting zone in Incline on the
planet Arieki.
There were concerns that it would be a lot of running like in Kardash
Atta Colony (in Torden Plains), but fortunately the design of this
instance is quite merciful. The geography is basically four
quasi-circular areas that are interconnected via tunnels. Due to the
way the tunnels connect the areas, you have to run them in order. You
start in the first cell. The second cell has no mission objectives:
only Atta and bridges at various levels. The third cell has two mission
objectives. The fourth and final cell is the Queen Chamber where the
final mission occurs.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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