Hey, there's an art to
hacky sack!

Among the vast streams and mountains of Tabula Rasa's Pools zone is a
large system of caverns filled with deadly Mox and Miasma. Among these
dangerous creatures a splinter factor of the Corman hippies reside
doing research and playing hacky sack. Join Ten Ton Hammer as we
examine this zone and walk you through every mission in the instance.

The Retread Caves are a series of naturally formed
caverns that are the
current home of a group of Cormans known as the Retreads. The Retreads
have abandoned their pacifist heritage in order to fight against the
Bane. They share the caverns with the dangerous Mox and the Miasma who
are level 32-36 in this instance. Looking at the map of the Retread
Caves you might get the idea that this is a sprawling Atta-like
instance. Actually, the instance is pretty easy to navigate. It's
basically in the shape of a dumbbell with a couple of side rooms.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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