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What is worse than a unmaintained facility crawling with Bane
infantry? Well, nothing really and that is exactly what you'll
find in the occupied Tahrendra Base in Torden Mires. Ten Ton
Hammer has updated their guide to include new information including the
introductory briefing video. Don't be a statistic, check out
our guide for solid intel on this dangerous instance.

Mission Intel: According to Brann sources, Tahrendra
Base was once the
landing zone for Brann prisoners, the first stop after leaving Erdas.
This seems unlikely as we haven't seen any indication of landing zones
or dropship pads that the Brann would have used. The Bane have
overtaken this facility and are using it as their primary staging area
for operations on Mires. Sat scan shows a high concentration of energy
somewhere deep inside the base. Other intel from Brann allies indicates
that at some point an Eloh led an attack on Tahrendra Base, possibly
during its initial overthrow by the Bane, but no information on what
happened to the Eloh or his forces is available without Top Secret

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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