Stuffed with Hippies?
This I Gotta See.

For many Tabula Rasa Players, Thoria Das is their first stop when
entering Concordia Divide. This Forean village features a beautiful
lake full of fragrant lily pads, and a gorgeous cliff-top view of the
surrounding region. Delta Outpost is the last AFS stronghold in the
south east portion of Concordia Divide. Surrounded by heavy
fortifications, Delta stands on the top of a large cliff side
overlooking the enemy filled trenches. Ten Ton Hammer presents this
dual coverage guide to Thoria Das and Delta Outpost, stuffed with
experience filled missions and lots of hippies.

Sergeant Conway in Delta Outpost is a big fan of the
Cormans. “They may
be damned hippies, but they don’t deserve to die out here” as he so
delicately puts it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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