That's just "Plain" ugly

The barren and unforgiving environment of planet Areaki welcomes you to
what will be your new home for a few levels.  The journey on
this world will begin in Torden Plains and throws you immediately into
pitched battles against the Bane and other alien creatures.
Join Ten Ton Hammer as we look at this interesting zone and provide
information on control points, AFS bases, instances, and all the Logos
locations. Don't be caught in this war zone without proper
intel, check out our guide.

The barren planet of Areaki is a vast change from the
lush lands of
Foreas, transitioning from streams and forests to lava flows and
mountains.  As players step through the wormhole they will
immediately be assailed by this violent environment and begin to see
true combat in the making. What can you expect from this zone and what
is there to do? How should you progress? Torden Plains is a level 20+
zone designed for players who have out leveled Concordia Palisades and
provides an entry point on the planet. Here you will find numerous
combat areas, control points, 3 instances, and a sizable amount of
missions to complete.  The purpose of this overview is to give
you a general idea of what the Plains has to offer and cover some of
the highlights.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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