A river runs through it

Along a peaceful river sits a simple power plant, generating
electricity for nearby AFS bases. The serenity is quickly broken
however as Thrax infantry begin assaulting the walls. Whether you are
interested in helping to defend this facility or looking for missions
to complete, the Hydro Plant has plenty to offer. Ten Ton Hammer has
your guide to the missions here and explains how exactly how to
complete them.

Between the Foreas and Bane bases in Concordia
Divide, a vital control
point changes hands regularly in raging battles. The Hydro Plant is a
critical utility providing power to AFS personnel
located in nearby facilities and must be defended at all costs. This
particular defensive position is the largest you'll find outside the
main base and offers merchants, a crafting station, teleporter but most
importantly a series of missions for you to complete.

  • Tabula
    Rasa Hydro Plant Missions
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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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