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puts an interesting new twist on more standard MMO href="" target="_blank">combat
mechanics thanks in large part
to the game’s rotating skill deck, but the title’s
unique elements don’t end there. While not entirely new
concepts, many core MMO gameplay elements have been reexamined,
redesigned and ultimately transformed into something the developers at
Spellborn can claim as uniquely their own.

At first glance, the character status window appears similar to other
MMOs, but upon closer inspection it quickly becomes apparent that
there’s more here than meets the eye. To help new and old MMO
gamers alike understand what all those extra bars and numbers represent
and how these elements tie together to provide a more compelling combat
experience in Spellborn, we’ve put together a short guide on
Personal Experience Points and the three main States; 
Physique, Morale and Concentration.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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