Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is about fighting, and whether it's against the computer or against another player, you want to jump in the mosh pit and emerge victorious! For some of us who've never moshed though, it's hard to just jump in and not be intimidated by the chaos. That's where we come in! With Ten Ton Hammer's Secrets to Ultimate Pwnage, you'll be able to jump in the pit and kick your KvD square in the package while trash talkin like a pro! So if you're new to the RvR scene and want to look better than the other newbs, check out Ten Ton Hammer's Secrets to Ultimate Pwnage - the Swordmaster and the Sorceress!

Swordmasters are everything you wanted to be after watching King Arthur movies as a kid. Noble. Graceful. Studly. Like the samurai of old, their swords are not just weapons to swing at enemies. They're extensions of their bodies and souls that they can use to slice and dice you like the latest Ronco Salad Shooter, and yes, they can also julienne fries. Much like Immortals in "Highlander", they dedicate themselves to the study of the sword and they can live forever, except they're not nearly as stingy about it and there can be more than one.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016