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players will start their adventures as one of three main archetypes:
Rogue, Spellcaster or Warrior. Upon reaching level 5, new Disciplines
become available for each archetype – think of these as
Spellborn’s version of subclasses. While each individual
Discipline will focus on a set of unique abilities and skills, elements
of the core archetype will remain throughout the leveling experience.
To help players new to the world of Spellborn with their initial
Discipline selections, we’ve put together a series of handy
guides detailing the strengths and unique abilities of each potential
path. We’ve also included a brief description of the first
few Bodyslots for each Discipline. The Bodyslots themselves will be
unique skills for each Discipline which can be used by a simple press
of the F1-F5 keys (depending on which slot you place the skill into).
This allows each Discipline to access certain skills or short duration
buffs that can be used independently of the Skill Deck, and in most
cases can be used outside of combat.

The second of Ten Ton Hammer’s Discipline guides for style="font-style: italic;">The Chronicles of
Spellborn focuses on the
Spellcaster archetype, highlighting its unique Disciplines; the
Ancestral Mage, Runemage and Void Seer!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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