Humans are an integral part to most RPG stories and the Guild Wars universe is no exception. Humans will be playing a big part in Guild Wars 2 even though other races have moved onto the main stage. What happens to the Human race in Guild Wars 2? Well our look at Humanity in Guild Wars 2 may answer this question and many more.

Humanity is a very important race in any MMOG universe and Guild Wars is no exception. Humans are the self representation of us, the player, within any game. There may be ogres, demon vampires, goblins, snake people, and werewolves but none of them can connect on an emotional level to us like a human could, especially as a playable race. After all, unless you are a vampire or a cat, you are a Human and will always identify with Humanity the most. It’s important that a game place a large focus on Humanity’s plight if such a race is to be included, but that’s not to say that Humans have to hold the center stage.

The Races of Guild Wars 2: Humans goes into everything you'd want to know about Humans in GW2. Stay tuned, we'll be covering more races in the upcoming weeks.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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