The Charr were the first main enemy player's encountered in Guild Wars and now they will be a playable race in Guild Wars 2. Their history runs deep in the lands of Tyria and so does their lust for battle. Who are the Charr, why did they invade Ascalon, and what have they been up to for the last 250 years? Find out here at Ten Ton Hammer.

The Charr have a very rich history as a race being that they’re older than the Human race by far. They originally lived somewhere in the northern Shiverpeaks roaming in various warbands that were loosely held together with all of the in-fighting from power hungry Charr. They lived like this for a long period of time until they united under a single leader, the Khan-Ur, in order to put an end to the internal strife. This allowed them to expand eastward and toward the southern expanses.

Find out about the Charr, their history, and more here at Ten Ton Hammer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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