A new race unique to Guild Wars 2 will be playable at launch known as the Sylvari. This plant like race with elf like features is a very mysterious race with little known about it at this point. We here at Ten Ton Hammer have compiled all of the known data on this race to answer one simple question: just who are the Sylvari?

It wasn’t until 23 years before the start of Guild Wars 2 that the tree produced fruit. Indeed it produced a brand new race known as the Sylvari. They are a race born of purity and as such do not know sorrow, suspicion, or hatred. Their birth was in response to the awakening of the dragons and as such they feel that they were born to hunt the dragons while following the teachings of the Ventari Tablet.

The Sylvari ends our The Races of GW2 feature so be sure to look for more awesome things from TTH soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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