That's a fact, by the way. Not opinion. Most important site EVER.

RadarX continues his look at Tabula Rasa's Concordia Divide by examining the most important AFS site on the planet, Foreas Base. This central facility houses the operational headquarters of AFS, a variety of merchants and trainers, and more missions than you can shake a Polarity Gun at. Get locations of nearby Logos, walkthroughs, and everything you need to make your way around this vast military depot in our guide.

Located in the northern center of Concordia Divide, Foreas base is the most pivotal location on the planet providing the main headquarters of AFS Command for Forean operations. This area will serve as a hub not only for a number of missions, but for transport between areas and even to the less than hospitable planet of Areaki. Most missions will be well suited to players above level 11 and will them to a variety of locations including Timora Mines, Torcastra Prison, the Hydroelectric Plant, and more.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016