You can now find out what your past deeds will reward you with in Guild Wars 2 thanks to the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator. How does the calculator work, what categories are there, and how are points gained? These are the questions everyone is asking and we here at Ten Ton Hammer have the answer. Check out our new guide to understanding the Hall of Monuments Reward Calculator today!

These achievements translate into points which earn you rewards in Guild Wars 2. For instance, having your account linked to Guild Wars 2 is your very first point. If you place one miniature statue into the HoM then you’ll get another and so on. To place anything in the Hall of Monuments you’ll first need to place a tapestry in one of the five monuments then interact with it to place your achievements. Each achievement you place within the monument counts towards earning you points for rewards in GW2.

Understanding the Guild Wars Hall of Monuments Rewards Calculator helps you figure out how the rewards system works.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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