When Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning launched, it boasted a new feature to MMOG's, the Public Quest. A quest that would bring together groups of people from out of the blue to accomplish a set of goals without ever having to group up if you chose not to. A quest that gave out rewards to everyone in the form of influence and had a Vegas style random loot roll at the end for the dropped treasure. A quest that forwarded the story within the chapter and was worth excellent experience. Now three months later, Mythic has altered the PQ's and made a few of them easier for smaller groups of people as well as increased the rare loot drops for the harder quests and just in time for the Blackguards and the Knights of the Blazing Sun to get in on! You want to make sure you're up on those changes and Ten Ton Hammer is here to help with the Updated Greenskin Chapter 2 Public Quest Guide!

Stage II: 3 Dog Marauders and 20 Ironclaw Goblins arriving at the War Maker. Ok, so now that you've made a ruckus beating up on the Dog warriors, they call in their... well, dogs. The Dog Marauders are Standard class mobs accompanied by 2 Standard wolf type mobs per Marauder. These three mobs wander in specific paths along the road that cross over in the middle a bit, so you'll want to attack them at their furthest pathing point to avoid getting two groups on top of you. Also, there will be standard mob type Dog Reinforcements coming out of the woodwork for the next part of this Stage, so you will be getting adds whether you like them or not.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016