You started with a Dark Elf in Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning, and so far, you've managed to make a name for yourself in the cut throat world of the Druchii. You've gained a favor through trickery, been involved in an assassination attempt, lost your honor, been ridiculed, regained your honor, been praised, it's been a busy few levels for you. Well, it's not over yet. You'll need to advance your understanding of Dark Elven culture and continue on your pursuit of what's really important in life... power. Whether it's the new Black Guard or the old Witch Elf, you can get a step ahead of your brethren and see what's in store with Ten Ton Hammer's Dark Elf Leveling Guide: Chapter 5 - 6!

Hartha has a pretty good working knowledge of the history of the Dark elves and the Sundering. After a brief lesson in Druchii history, she sends you out to kill some of the Nagarythe Descendents who betrayed Malekith! That ought to show them! If, y'know, they remember an event that happened over a thousand years ago. Her next task for you is to find out what the Dreadblight sorceresses are up to. They made for the ruins pretty quick so they must know something interesting.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016