The Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning fans were treated to a huge amount of information yesterday as Mythic announced its plans for the live expansion, A Call To Arms. Included in this expansion is the new Dwarven Melee DPS class, the Slayer! Since this will herald a large group of new, naked, out of control, mohawk-sporting dwarves running around trying to level, we here at Ten Ton Hammer thought we should update the Dwarven leveling guide for T2 to celebrate the introduction of this class! So for all you flaming haired berzerker monkeys out there, we give you the Updated Dwarven Leveling Guide: Chap. 7-9!

Worried about his fellow kin, Glon Firehammer has decided that something needs to be done about the deadly bats in Fellwing Cave. Take a few down and help with the antidote killing two bir…er, bats with one stone. If that weren’t enough, someone attacks the camp every night and makes off with the dead! Glon has devised a way to keep the Dwarfs safe in both life and death, but he needs you to finish the concoction by getting the bones of the walking dead.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016