Newly created character of the mighty Empire nation of Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online begin their fight in southern Nordland. If the terrible plague and the invading Chaos forces weren't enough, the vicious creatures are certain to scare away the weak of heart. Don't venture in to this new adventure unaware; take the Ten Ton Hammer Empire Leveling Guide with you as you level your way through Tier 1; now expanded into the Norsca zone!

A burning village has been overrun by nurglings and Norsemen, and you can help by participating in the Ulfenwyr Public Quest. If you can brave your way through the village and up the hill, you'll arrive at the former Gotland village. Full of disease and plague, and Chaos followers, you can rescue the villagers and disrupt the dark rites in the Pit of Forsaken Public Quest. Bring friends to this one, though, as the final mob is a Lord class monster.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016