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What could possibly be more excited than flinging large stones at a
fortified enemy or helping ram a door into splinters? Warhammer
Online's Keeps and Siege warfare promises to add an interesting element
to Realm vs Realm combat providing players a focal point for battle.
What do you need to know about this mechanic and how does it affect the
overall game? Ten Ton Hammer has some of the most frequently asked
questions right here.

What is
the Keeps and Siege system in Warhammer Online?

A: Keeps
Siege content are props on a dynamic battlefield allowing players to
participate in a special type of Realm vs Realm (RvR) combat using
systems similar to Dark Age of Camelot. As recently revealed in the
February 2008 Newsletter, they are to help build a sense of pride in
RvR and provide a focal point for combat. They are also intended to
give players a visible goal and create a "flashpoint" where combat can
quickly be found and enjoyed. It is a truly unique system that does not
exist in most other MMOG's.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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