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Time To Have Some Fun

March 17th, 2008 - By

Another time of change has come upon us with the recent implementation
of Game Update #4 in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Per the usual routing,
it really does go to show that you can't please everybody and would
drive yourself crazy trying to. Some people love the helmets, some
people hate them. Some people think the changes to looting rights for
group 4 in a raid is overdue, while others disagree (and others also
disagree but insist on calling everyone that agrees with the change a
noob that shouldn't be here). The new riftway has been a blessing for
some while others feel it was poorly executed.

I could go on here for quite some time and debate the pros and cons of
each change, but in my mind that kind of defeats the whole purpose of
playing Vanguard. I'm not a game designer, nor do I have aspirations to
attain such a goal. I am a player of multiplayer games, and happen to
enjoy Vanguard the most out of all my other choices.

When everything is all said and done, shouldn't your overall enjoyment
of a game be the measuring factor of a game rather than nitpicking the
various systems scattered throughout the game mechanics? Rather than
going on about how a change has completely ruined your game play, take
a few moments to really think about that. Is there one single aspect of
the game that is so important that if it's changed in any way, it
becomes a deal breaker for you? Let me give you a small example of what
I mean.

Due to an amazingly long streak of bad luck, my necromancer went over
days without getting a single graft from a corpse. That's not an
exaggeration, that's a simple fact. As any necromancer can attest, the
grafts your pet has can make an immense difference in not only your
ability to take on various mobs, but it can also make a large
difference in the tactics you choose to use.

In a href="">previous
interview, I asked about the drop rate for pet grafts. Thom
stated that there is an equal chance of getting a graft every time you
cast necropsy. Think of it like you would a slot machine. Even though
you may feel like a machine has to spill it's jackpot sooner or later,
it has the same random chance to hit any combination each time the
lever is pulled.

While this can be an inconvenience at best and a real pain at worst, is
it something really worth getting riled up about? In having to use
older pet grafts, or a non-ideal combination of grafts, I can choose to
look at this in a couple of ways. On the one hand, I can choose to rant
and rave about how I'm quitting the game until there's a checks and
balance system in there to increase the odds of getting a graft that
adjusts depending on how many times I've cast necropsy without getting
one. Since I still enjoy the game though, I chose to take a different

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Rather than thinking of the game being ruined, I like to think of it as
altering the game play in a manner that requires me to continually
adjust my play style. This has a two-fold effect upon my attitude in
the game. First off, it ensures that I don't feel the gameplay becomes
stagnant and keeps me on my toes. The second effect of this
is it provides a natural sense of longevity for the game. I
don't know anyone that wants to do the same thing (in the same manner)
over and over. This just isn't fun.

So instead of initially lashing out against these changes that
you may not like, take some time to try and adjust to the new
systems. You may find they add an intriguing aspect to the game for
you. If you're still not happy with it, ask yourself if in the overall
scheme of things, you still find the game enjoyable. I'm willing to bet
the majority of players will come to the conclusion that they're still
having fun after adjusting.

There you go. That's my rant/advice for this week, haha. On to some
other topics!

I want to take a quick moment to thank a couple of our forum members
for taking time out of their day this past Saturday morning to go with
me into Trickster's Haven so I could get it mapped out. That's right
everyone, Ten Ton Hammer will soon have a map of Trickster's Haven
available on the site (with the exception of the "Beyond the Painting"
area for now). I'll be sure to let everyone know when I get it posted.
Without the assistance of Dreadalus and Ciellart it wouldn't have been
possible. Be sure to send them a quick "Thank you!" PM when you have a
moment, especially if you're a Trickster's Haven fan. I also want to
thank the other members of the forum that offered their assistance, but
were unable to attend due to the time we scheduled. Even though you
couldn't make it, I greatly appreciate the offer of help!

As a quick reminder, there's one week left to submit your questions for
an upcoming interview with the Vanguard team. I'll be submitting
questions at the end of next week, so if you're interested in
participating, be sure to submit your questions in this thread and read
the disclaimer.

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