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Making Progress

March 24th, 2008 - By

Another week of playing with the live version of Game Update #4 has
come and gone. During this time, numerous bugs have been discovered and
noted. Players that take the time to trundle through the official
forums have noticed an interesting phenomenon. Mainly, the developers
have been doing over time in their attempts to communicate with the
community about what's going on.

Silius, Hobart, Wamtin, and even more developers have been taking time
to go through a number of posts and answer as many questions as they
can. If you went over and took a count, you'd find more questions
answered than most full-blown interviews achieve. A number of these
questions revolve around game fixes, and for that, I say to the
development team, "Bravo"!

A number of welcome answers have been given, but let me take a few
moments to highlight some of the most interesting snippets.

One item of interest that has been at the top of players’
minds ever since GU4 went live is the lack of a Riftway hub on Kojan.
Silius states he has put a new hub in Tanvu that will hopefully be seen
in game sometime this week. If I had to make a personal guess, I'd say
it would happen this Tuesday morning when the servers go down for their
normal weekly maintenance.

Hobart also announced that a fix for a number of crashes that have been
occurring since the implementation of GU4 will be going to the Test
Server first thing Monday morning (he hopes). This should alleviate a
number of crashing issues some players have recently been experiencing
and will be a welcome addition to everyone.

A number of players have had issues with their soundcards now working
properly recently as well. Wamtin announced they have finally tracked
down the cause of the issue. It turns out it was a piece of code that
was "completely unrelated to any sound code that broke the sound code's
ability to enumerate the sound devices". He has submitted a fix for it
although at this time, is unsure when it will go live.

I don't bring these issues up to point out any fault with anyone on the
development team, but as a means of reminding the community that the
Vanguard developers care greatly about the game and our enjoyment of
it. It's easy to just read about what players think is broken in a
game, but it's nice to see that the development team is taking some
time to keep us informed on what they're doing to correct these
problems. Considering the blowout that occurred a few weeks ago in
relation to player/development communication issues, I'm pleasantly
surprised to see them so active on the boards this past week.

In other news, a couple of weeks ago we style="font-weight: bold;"
a poll on the loot changes that had been made in relation to
a 4th group in a raid. There's no doubt the discussion was at times
intense and heated, but through it all it was obvious to see that
people were simply passionate about their stance and everyone made a
great effort to explain why they felt the way they did. In the end, a
lot of information was discovered and it's greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, an individual took it upon himself or herself to create
over 50 forum accounts to skew the results of the polling. Those
accounts have been banned and the poll has been closed as a result.
When we run a poll at Ten Ton Hammer, it's generally for one of two
reasons. The first is to see what the community thinks/wants/etc about
any given topic, normally one that has already caused some amount of
controversy. It's a good way to get a general idea of where everyone
sits on it. That's what type of poll the one I mentioned above was. The
other is nothing more than a "What If?" scenario, usually posted as an
idea generating poll, or something to bring a bit of levity to a

Aside from the fact that creating a number of accounts (especially with
the intention of altering a polls direction) is against our policies,
it's just not a very fair thing to do. We all have opinions and they
should be weighted in a poll equally. Skewing the results serves no
other purpose than a mental form of cheating. Since there's no prize to
win or anything else of the sort, I fail to see why someone would waste
the time to undertake such an endeavor. In any case, if you're going to
participate in our polls, please have the decency to play fair like
everyone else.

As I end the newsletter this week, I want to let everyone know that the
Ten Ton Hammer guild is planning a dungeon run on Khelgor's End this
coming Sunday, March 30th. If you're interested in joining the guild,
please go to href="">this
thread. If you want to join the run, please style="font-weight: bold;"
it here as well.

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