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June 9th, 2008 - By

There are plenty of things to be excited about this week in regards to
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. Oddly enough though, especially considering
the fact it’s still over two months away, the thing I'm most
excited about is Fan Faire! That's right folks; everything has finally
been booked and confirmed. You're friendly neighborhood Community
Manager is heading to his very first Fan Faire and I can't wait! So
much so, that I know it's beginning to drive my wife crazy.
Having four days to totally "geek out" (her words) is going to be a
miniature slice of heaven.

In preparing for this auspicious occasion, I believe I've come up with
a few pieces of advice that you may find helpful. If not, I firmly
believe your significant other, spouse, family, and/or friends may find
them useful in the case that you do not. First off, in virtually every
story you read about in regards to any type of large convention-like
gathering, there's always some mention of hygiene, or a lack there of
by the (insert geekish interest here) crowd. True or not, simply shower
and this will be resolved. Yes, yes, I do have faith we can have a nose
plug free environment at Fan Faire!

Secondly, get an agreement that your mouth can have a virtual free
reign the day you get back from Fan Faire. This especially applies to
those of us that have people in our lives that while they accept us for
our geekiness, may not share our interest, nor passion, about
such topics. Since I'm a man that thinks ahead (most of the time at
least), and since I know the lengths to which my wife believes I go to
purposely drive her crazy, I have gotten a sincere promise from her
that she will not, in fact, stab me in the face by the second day that
I am back home. In return, I have promised to try and notice the shiny
glaze of disinterest coming from her zombie-like eyes, and cease my
animated tale of (insert geekish interest here).

This may seem like an extreme measure, but I can assure you from
personal experience, that glazed look can quickly turn violent. I've
been overly excited about a number of things in life, but even the
longest (insert geekish interest) event I've ever been to was for a
single day. Now imagine four of them. I believe you begin to see the
wisdom in this agreement now.

Last, but certainly not least, is an item of actual seriousness. Bring
your cameras and plenty of batteries everyone. I'm one of those people
that very rarely has a camera on me. I'm also one of those people that
has not been overly fond of pictures being taken of me in my younger
years. Because of this, there are times and places, I really wish I
could look back on clearly in the form of a photo instead of the fog
ridden haze my memory has reverted them to.

During my time in the Marine Corps, I was stationed twice in Japan. I
also went to Bali, Korea, and Australia. While I was stationed in
Arizona, I worked in a local tattoo shop for an extended period of time
as well. Through it all, I met an amazing number of people and saw
spectacular places of beauty. I was blessed with the chance to see
people and places many of us never get to. After all those years
I have probably less than 30 pictures or so capturing them.

Don't make the same mistake this August when as many of us that can
make it are going to be there for Fan Faire. It's looking to be a lot
of fun and I can't wait to meet all of you and talk about (insert
geekish interest here)!

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