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June 23rd, 2008 - By

To many, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes is currently in a state of
reemergence. While trying to not sound like a rabid fan boy, I think
this sentiment is not only welcome, but also accurate. A cursory glance
at the official
will show there has continued to be a steady increase
in the "Coming Back" or "New Player Here" posts. The responses to these
posts have been great as well. They are filled with not only the
obligatory welcome messages, but also suggestions or directions that
may aid both old and new players get settled in with their new
surroundings. As I mentioned before, a time of change is upon us, and I
think things are looking pretty good for all of us.

On to other topics!

Last week, I was running around wreaking havoc on the unwanted
inhabitants that surround Afrit with my trusty necromancer when I saw a
call come out across the regional chat channel for Qalia requesting a
tank in their low 20's for a Coterie Infineum run. I'll admit I did a
double take when I saw the name of the requester - Silius. Since I was
on my necromancer killing time and didn't want to lessen another
player's chance to play with the developers, I let it go for a while. I
was surprised to still see the call going out a few minutes later.
Finally, I went ahead and let Silius know who I was and that I had a 22
Dread Knight I'd be willing to bring along if no one else answered. Low
and behold, the next thing I know, I was on my way.

Shortly after getting with Silius and some of the other developers,
Silius decided to test my uber tanking abilities and pulled a full room
on top of us. For readers familiar with my weekly ramblings, or friends
that I've played with over the years, how many times have I ever talked
about playing a tank class? Never, to the best of my memory. Now to be
fair, I do believe I warned Silius of this before we got started. Maybe
he just didn't believe me. In any case, our pile of tombstones
were ample proof I was not previously lying or just attempting to
downplay my awesome tanking skills.

Overall, we had a good time. I'm not much of a talker in groups, so it
was a little more than silent until Silius and the others dragged me
into chatting. By doing so though, I ended up afk through a few battles
as I typed out my answers, providing probably far more information than
they ever requested. After all these years, it's a habit of mine that
still drives my sister crazy. Fortunately the team was strong enough to
keep me alive during these periods.

Aside from trying to chat and keep all targets focused on myself, it
was a really fun time. I know Silius and others are trying to hop on
the servers every night to go through some of the older content in the
game, so if you see the call go out looking for a specific class and
level range, I urge you to take the opportunity to play with them. It
was a lot of fun, despite multiple deaths caused throughout the night
by both Silius and myself.

Another item of community interest this week is the upcoming href="">Mekalian
Extravaganza of Science of Technology being hosted by gnomes
around all of Telon. There looks to be a number of great prizes and
rewards up for grabs, ranging from an 88 slot (yes, I did say 88 slot)
bag to Ancient Platinum Coins for your racial mounts! Things appear to
be ready to go to the live server this Tuesday, but don't quote me on
that. The patch to bring this live will also include a number of bug
fixes as well, so keep your fingers crossed that it all comes early in
the week!`

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