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Let Loose the Dogs of

June 30th, 2008 - By

Vanguard: Saga of Heroes has been creating a buzz again in the gaming
world, but this time, it's all good news. The first thing I want to
bring to my reader's attention is that SOE has reactivated accounts for
the next month. If you have any friends that cancelled their account at
least 60 days prior to the reactivation period, let them know they've
got until July 31st, 2008 to play again for free. Get the full details href="">here.

That's not the only reason Vanguard fans have to celebrate though. This
week, the Mekalian Extravaganza of Sciences and Technology went live in
the game, and players are racing to complete the quests as fast as they
can. While some players are pressing to get through them as quickly as
possible, I've been taking a bit of a different path.

I was sure to grab all the
quests, but have only been completing them
by proxy. In other words, if I happen to get the right drops to
complete one of the quests, I do. If not, I'll survive. Using this
method, I've completed one full quest, and have a smattering of pieces
needed to complete a number of the others. For me, it makes the quest
far more enjoyable than going out to find a specific mob type that is
known to drop the items I need and grind them out. It's a very rare
occasion that I can stand to be in one place and continually grind
through mobs. I did it for years in Everquest, and it just doesn't
match my play style anymore.

 While this may not be the most efficient method of quest
it's been working pretty well for me so far. The biggest bonus to doing
these quests (at least in my eyes) is that it provides a nice
alternative to finding a boss mob that drops the platinum coins needed
for the racial mounts and camping said mob for who knows how long until
I get enough coins for my mount. This way, I can look at it in the same
light as the copper, silver, and gold faction coins that randomly drop
off my normal targets.

hspace="10" vspace="5">Keep in mind, this is just my
method. For those that have the patience
to track down specific mobs and grind through them until you get the
requisite items, more power to you. Using this method, not only should
you easily get enough coins for your level 30 mount, you should also
get quite a jump on the coins necessary for your level 50 mount as

 No matter which method you choose, the key to all of it is
having fun.

Before I sign off, let me throw out one more reminder (or request) in
regards to player etiquette. Last December when old accounts were
reactivated for a month or so, there was definitely an influx of
players. Many of them were happy to try the new changes and give the
game a fair shot. Others logged into the game for a different reason
though, and that was to do nothing more than troll the regional chat
channels. I have no problem with players coming back to the game,
giving it a shot, and deciding that it's still not the game for them.
That's the whole reason there are a variety of games out there... no
single game will ever be the dream experience for every player. Taking
time out of my day just to troll a game I don't like like though? That
still boggles the brain.

As I've mentioned in multiple newsletters before this one, the
community has really begun to come into its own recently. Let's take
the time to keep that momentum going. With so many players coming back,
we're going to see the same 20 questions come across the regional chat
channels at least 100 times a day. Do everyone a favor and either
answer the question nicely, or simply refrain from opening your mouth.
The last thing we need is players being driven off by people attempting
to be a smartass in the name of humor. While I realize your reply may
seem funny to you, it's probably not going to be taken as such by a
player that's already frustrated enough to ask a question in the chat
channels. For my full thoughts on the subject, read my old, href="">An
Influx of Players, newsletter.

On top of everything else, Fan Faire is still right around the corner.
If you plan on going, be sure to hurry up and register before August
1st! For those I haven't mentioned it to, it's been confirmed that I'll
be there. So if you want to say hi, tell me you love the newsletter,
think my quest guides are insanely uber, or just tell me I'm off my
rocker, this will be your chance!

Leave a comment href="">here!

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