Welcome to the Horde Northrend Leveling Guide. This guide will take you from level 70 to level 80 throughout the various zones in Northrend. The guide is broken up into levels and zone sections. If you’re starting at level 70 then the best place to start is the first page. For those of you joining at a different level than seventy or if you’re seeking some quest/area help then use the below table of contents to find your way about.

As a small note, the guide is under construction with the recent launch of WotLK. Updates are coming frequently so be sure to check back often.


Load up WoW and then load the guide up in your browser. Get TomTom’s addon to find coordinates (the coordinates in the guide are aligned to TomTom but any other coord mod should work) and build waypoints for you. This guide will assume that you had no problem getting to level 70 and that you know how basic quest mechanics work.

Coordinates are given for most major quest locations along with any landmarks if possible. Coordinates are utilized by various addons. We recommend either TomTom or Cartographer for your coordinate needs. The mod will generally add coordinates to the map allowing you to use your mouse cursor to find the location.

If you wish to print the guide then be sure to turn off images to save paper and ink (and the environment!).  

We now have an instruction page that helps explain how to use the guide and gives some helpful advice on questing.

Table of Contents


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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