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World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2
is unleashed on the live servers on March 5th, 2013. Bringing with it a plethora of new
additions and changes. This is the second major content patch for
Mists of Pandaria. Patch 5.2 really does have something for everyone since it covers raiders, PVP, and solo PVE players.

So if you are looking for more information about this exciting
content patch check out the summary and comments about Patch 5.2 below!

General Changes

Area of Effect damage abilities now affect up to 20 targets instead of the previous 10 target limit. This means that AOE damage abilities will do more damage up to 20 targets and then start spliting damage above 20. AOE damage numbers and DPS in general for trash fights is likely to go up a little bit because of this change.

Zandalari invasion forces can be found in various areas around the Pandaren coastline. Players should watch for them as there are Zandalari scouts and warbringers and neither should be engaged lightly. Scouts can be taken down by yourself with some difficulty, while warbringers will require a group to be able to take them down.

New Zone - Isle of Thunder

Since this patch focuses on the Thunder King, in only makes sense that there is a new zone that represents his area of control. This new isle is the Isle of Thunder and can be reached by visiting the new factions described below that will launch you on your quest to defeat the Thunder King.

New Raid - Throne of Thunder

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In addition to the new zone, there is a new raid that is called the Throne of Thunder. This it Emperor Lei Shen's base of control and will be one giant raid with 13 bosses to defeat. It will also be available in an LFR version that breaks the raid into 4 different wings that van be dealt with separately.

For more details on the new raid check out our guides here: Throne of Thunder Overview, Throne of Thunder LFR Guide.

Class Changes

Many changes are once again being made for all of the classes, some are big and some are small. Listing them all here would take
more than a short summary. As such, be sure to check out the full patch
notes found on Blizzard's website for all the class changes coming in
Patch 5.2.

New Factions

There are two brand new factions introduced in patch 5.2. These new factions revolve around the Alliance and Hordes fight to gain control over the newly revealed Isle of Thunder. The two new factions are:

  • Kirin-Tor Offensive - Alliance
  • Sunreaver Onslaught - Horde

Both factions setup bases on the newly revealed isle. These faction bases can be reached by visiting their representatives near the Shado-Pan Garrison in the Townlong Steppes.

New Dailies

There are many brand new daily quests that are added to the game that take place on the Isle of Thunder. You can find more out about them here: Isle of the Thunder King Daily Quests.

Currency Changes

Several changes are taking place in regards to the various currencies in the game in patch 5.2.

There will be no downgrade of valor points to justice points, but many of the valor items that existed in the game prior to patch 5.2 will drop in price from 25% to 50%.

On the PVP front conquest points will downgrade to honor and players will need to earn new conquest points.

While Elder Charms of Good Fortune will remain in the game however they will not be usable in the new Throne of Thunder raid. Instead there are new Mogu Runes of Fate that have been added to the game that will provide extra loot rolls in the new raid.

Removal of Arcane Upgrader

The ethereals that upgraded items for valor or justice points are leaving Azeroth. They may or may not return at some point in the future.

Pet Battles

Patch 5.2 introduces several new wild pets and pet abilities to give players even more pets to fight with and against. Also many existing abilities have been modified for better balance.

Several new elite pet battle pets have been added to the game. These will tie in with a new Beasts of Fable taming quest that can grant you an elite Red Panda Pet.

New Solo Scenarios

As part of the new Isle of Thunder there are several new solo scenarios that can be completed as part of the quest chain to unlock the entire isle. These are not traditional scenarios in that they can only be done once as you are working through the quest chain, but they are still new solo PVE content done in scenario format.

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Legendary Quest Chain

Wrathion has once again asked for your help in his battle to protect Azeroth, this time against the newly revealed Thunder King. Those that
have already worked with the Prince will find several new quests and rewards available
to them from him. For those that haven't completed the previous quests, they will not gain access to the new ones until they have finished them.

Find out more about the Wrathion Quest line Patch 5.2 in our guide.

Warlock Quests

After canceling this feature at the last minute in the last patch, class quests make a return in this patch. This new quest chain will send Warlocks back inside
the dreaded Black Temple where they must complete several quests. Once
completed the Warlock will be rewarded with the ability to use green fire based abilities. The quest chain is chocked full of cool lore and story telling, so well worth checking out.

Find out more in this guide: Warlock Green Fire Quest Chain.

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There are many new changes to PVP in Patch 5.2. Just a few of the important ones are as follows:

  • There is a new Conquest PVP vendor that allows players that earn 27,000 conquest points in a season to purchase conquest PVP gear for honor.
  • Season 12 PVP gear has been dropped from item level 483 to 476.
  • Season 13 weapons are slightly cheaper than season 12 weapons were.

Sunsong Ranch

At Sunsong Ranch, you will now literaly be able to buy the ranch. This will give you the ability to complete various daily quests that will earn you reputation with the various factions around Pandaria.

There are also some changes to farming at the ranch as well. You can plant 4 plots at a time with the newly added seed bags, specialty crops provide more items, and a master plow will deal damage to underground Virmen so you do not have to deal with them at full health.

You can find more details here: Buying the Farm in Patch 5.2.



  • There are new raid and PVP recipes added that are acquired through daily research with Lightning Steel Ingots.
  • Lightning Steel Ingots can be forged at the Thunderforges on the Isle of Thunder once your faction has unlocked access to them.
  • Blacksmiths that are not max skill have a new way to level quickly available to them in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.


  • You can now find additional pet battle pets by fishing them up.


  • There are new patterns to create Magnificent Hides and Scales.
  • There are new raid and PVP recipes added that are acquired through the daily Magnificent Hide.
  • There is a new 36 slot leather back.


  • There are new raid and PVP recipes added that are acquired through the daily Imperial Silk cooldown.


Let us know what you think of the new changes
that Patch 5.2 has brought.

Check out the full version of the patch notes here.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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