Put On Your Boots and
Overalls, We're Goin' Farming!

Making 5,200 gold for an epic flying mount in World of Warcraft can be
a daunting task. Many players may spend months while others may give in
to their dark side and purchase gold to obtain one of these mounts that
resemble more of a virtual Lamborghini than anything else. One
anonymous reader sends us his story of how he obtained the 5,200 gold
he needed within a week without having to resort to loans from friends
or breaking the rules and supporting the evil gold farmers. Get your
inspiration for going out and farming your own epic mount and pick up
some excellent gold farming tips along the way!

here is the other secret I used. You know how questing in World of
Warcraft is nothing but an excuse for you to go out and grind various
enemies? It's not about the quest xp. That's just a bonus compared to
how much xp you get from killing enemies. Daily quests work almost on
the same principle if you allow it. Most of the enemies you kill drop
valuable items to sell.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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