We Don' Need No
Steenkin' Badges! (Or Do We?)


Badges of Justice are a type of currency that's becoming more and more
popular between World of Warcraft players. You may only obtain these
Badges by defeating difficult bosses in Heroic Instances or Raid
Instances. Depending on how many you are able to collect, the more you
do, the better your reward. With this guide, we will go over where the
current vendors are, where to get your Badges of Justice,
and how difficult it could be to obtain them depending on your
instance choice.

was the first badge vendor to ever make exist, and he still sells
decent gear for those wanting to upgrade their equipment quickly. As of
patch 2.3, he received new loot to offer to those who wanted to ease
into Zul'aman as well as Karazhan for a larger Badge of Justice amount.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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