Phase 4 -- the Shattered
Sun Offensive Quest Guide Continues!


Upon retaking the Sun's Reach Harbor, players will have new tasks,
including constructing the Alchemy Lab and construction of a Monument
to the Fallen. This final set of new Daily Quests will round off the
Isle of Quel'Danas and all the tasks it offers to the players. In this
final update, we cover the final unlockable Quests that have to do with
the Shattered Sun Offensive and their efforts against Kael'thas's

Once the Harbor has been secured, you will be able to
talk to Mar'nah,
who will then ask of you to help her construct the Alchemy Lab to help
others out. She will ask you to go to Razorthorn Rise in Outland, which
you can reach by flying Northeast from Shattrath City, and kill
Razorthorn Flayers until you get a Razorthorn Gland.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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