Another Major Patch; A
Whole Bunch of Guides


We have added one more World of Warcraft guide to cover the events
Patch 2.4 has given us, this one adding emphasis to all the Quests you
may complete daily for the Shattered Sun Offensive front while in
Outland. From doing multiphase readings in Nagrand to killing Blood Elf
Guards for their Attack Plans, this Guide covers all the Quests you
will encounter and a good path to follow to complete them in the least
time possible.

The Shattered Sun Offensive's call for help reaches
all the way to
Shattrath, and there's plenty of other tasks to do to get your
reputation up with them, as well as earn some coin and miscellaneous
items from the Shattered Sun Supply Bags. If you want Supply Bags, all
of them will be obtained from Quests you perform in Outland."

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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