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As a Hunter most of the time you are there for your nice safe ranged
DPS.  You can sit back and lay out a beating without ever
getting hit. There are times though that you will be called upon to
help out with Crowd Control (CC).  When that time comes, you
need to understand what you are doing and why.  Many Hunters
are used to soloing MOBS and many rarely work with a group. When they
do trap it is just to gain space for one or two more hits. When it
comes to participating in a group though, being able to trap is
paramount to being invited back. So without further ado Byron "Messiah"
Mudry presents help for all you Hunters out there that struggle with
CC, in the form of a guide to trapping: Chain Trapping 101.

style="font-style: italic;">Once your target has been
trapped you can continue to DPS the current kill target, however you
also need to start to move.  Knowing that you have a 10 second
break between traps you need to start planning ahead. Using the above
example of placing the initial trap 15-20 yards behind the tank spot to
the right, you want to move to a spot 15-20 yards behind that initial
spot but this time to the left.  As soon as you are there,
drop another trap and then continue DPS.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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