And You Thought MapQuest
Was Bad...

Turns out misdirection is an important skill in World of Warcraft (not
so much with MapQuest.) Byron "Messiah" Mudry passes on some critical
information for Hunters that have reached level 70 in this new guide to
Misdirection. This amazingly useful ability is unfortunately not
understood or used by many players. However with just a little
knowledge on how it works it can make a huge difference on how you play
a Hunter or even group with a Hunter.

last way misdirection is used is as a threat passing tool in long
fights, such as raid boss fights. In these fights hunters can help the
tank keep their threat higher than other players by using MD as often
as they can. In a 25 player raid this can add up to a significant
amount of extra threat for a tank. This threat allows the rest of the
DPS classes to do more damage before having to slow down to keep below
the tanks threat level. It is also used on bosses that have phases
where they drop threat, to ensure that the boss returns to the tank.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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