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The third phase in the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm pre-launch event has begun. This phase focuses mostly on the Twilight Hammer and explains the key lore details for Garrosh taking over command of the Horde while Thrall makes a surprise decision that will have many shocked. So grab your cultist disguise (don’t worry, a new one will be given to you) and head out to your event staging area.

This time around the quests are almost indentical for both the Alliance and the Horde. The cities have changed a little; there is now a huge gathering outside of Stormwind and Orgrimmar as they require citizens to be searched on entry. Cultists now walk around with the sandwich board signs on and various infiltrators stalk around the city looking very suspicious.

There is still no new rewards or anything other than some cool lore related quests and a bit of explanation on why the upset elementals mean so much. Overall, in this phase, you’ll spend most of it in your capital city running around and then one quick trip to Outland.

Show Me Your Papers

This is the first new quest and you’ll get it at the same time as “A Gathering in Outland.” This one is incredibly easy. Walk outside either Stormwind or Orgrimmar and use the proclamation at the gates. Then right click five citizens. When you right click them you will be stunned a few seconds while you “search” them. Return for your next quest.

Arrest the Infiltrators

You’ve probably seen the “Cultist Infiltrators” stalking around Stormwind/Orgrimmar so now is your time to put an end to them. Use the [Heavy Manacles] to imprison five of them then lead them to either the Stockades or the Ring of Valor. There will be another Infiltrator there who you can speak to which will complete the last objective of the quest to question one of them.

Back Under Cover

You’ll be given the Recruit’s Robes again and be sent to see the Overseer that you originally quested with. They will give you a [Book of Incantations] which you can take to the alter Cho’gall showed up at and use it. Then simply return to town.

I Said the Words…

On your map will be three marked locations. Visit each location and use the [Book of Incantations] to stop the cultists’ ritual. Once you are finished return and you are now done with the Twilight Hammer storyline in phase 3. You can now make your way out to Nagrand to do “A Gathering in Outland.”

A Gathering in Outland

This is mostly a lore related quest. Travel to Nagrand to the Throne of Elements, the neutral quest hub, and talk to either Gaven Frayfeather or Thrall. If you stick around long enough you’ll see a scripted event with Thrall giving up his armor and title as Warchief to focus on being a Shaman to help save Azeroth. In his stead, in an earlier scripted event, he promotes Garrosh Hellscream to acting Warchief, but by the time the Cataclysm hits Garrosh takes over the title permanently.

That’s all for this phase and we can expect the last one to come next week sometime. It is rumored to involve an all out elemental invasion on the major capital cities so don’t miss it! Feel free to stop by our Ten Ton Hammer community forums and chat about what you think about the event so far.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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