Come to the Dark Side!
(They Have Cookies!)

You've given up all that is good and right as a priest and instead have
chosen to focus on the power of death. Good for you! We all need to be
bad every once in a while. Our World of Warcraft community site's guide
to playing a shadow priest guide will show you the power of the dark

While playing a healer can be immensely rewarding, it
can also be
incredibly demanding and stressful. Due to this, many priests have
switched allegiances from light to dark, and now focus on the power of
death. Many never even need to switch, as shadow is the strongest solo
build and therefore the most common while leveling. Once you become a
shadow priest many players find it hard to go back. DPS is in general
easier and less stressful than healing, and much more addictive. It can
become very competitive when trying to top the DPS meters, which is
very different than healing.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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