Be All the Warlock You
Can Be

Our World of Warcraft Warlock Equipment Guide has received another
update, this one adding all the new PvP sets and where you can
find them; explaining the difference between both Damage and
Critical Strike sets; and going further into detail about Blizzard's
Spell Haste items that have been appearing more often as more patches
hit. In addition, our Warlock Affliction Talent Guide was updated with
some new takes on a Talent.

Nowadays, Spell Haste has been really pushed by
Blizzard as a viable
option for many DPS Casters (and Healers). As a Warlock, if you are
participating in a team that focuses on burst damage to defeat your
opponents in an Arena, Spell Haste might be a good choice for you.
Typically, this will be a Warlock build that emphasizes Destruction
Talents and goes well with a team of 1 or 2 Shamans trying to output
the best DPS you can in the smallest amount of time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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