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Posted Thu, Jul 07, 2011 by Sardu

NecroBator - The GW2 Necro Fansite

Shortly after publishing the mountain of Guild Wars 2 content I had written earlier this year for PAX East, I began work on a top secret project. I spent the following weeks locked away in my hidden underground lair, where I conducted various experiments long into the wee hours of the night.

Test tubes were scattered and beakers shattered as I attempted to bring my project to life. After numerous tweaks and recalculations to my formula, I knew I was nearing the point of realizing my vision. Only one major obstacle remained: finding a home for my own personal Frankenstein.

Considering the nature of my project, combined with the fact that I’ve been writing for the Ten Ton Hammer network for three years now, it seemed it would make a perfect match. I was a bit nervous about pitching the project at first, and initially had visions of having to stuff my creation into the archives that I’ve lovingly titled The Foundry of Failed Creations, never to see the light of day.

Thankfully, it didn't prove to be too terribly difficult to convince the appropriate people that my Mad MMO Scientist ways could be even more beneficial to the network than they already were.

It's Alive!

Sardu in his lab on launch day

It’s with great pleasure that I’m able to announce that the veil of secrecy has finally been lifted, and the mighty is now live.

NecroBator a slightly different take on a community site than we’ve traditionally attempted here on Ten Ton Hammer. A large part of that is because it’s wholly focused on a single Guild Wars 2 profession – the all-powerful Necromancer.

The second thing that sets NecroBator apart is the fact that I’ve worn just about every hat imaginable to see the project come to fruition. I’m still my mild mannered Managing Editor self here on the main network during the day, but the NecroBator site is wholly a creature of my own making from top to bottom.

Hopefully nothing will blow up or implode as I continue my nutty, necromantic experiments for a live audience.

Even if necromancers aren’t going to be your primary profession in Guild Wars 2, thanks to a heavy focus on community news, events and announcements, and other fun things for your gamer brain to chew on, there are still plenty of current and upcoming features for GW2 fans of all shapes and sizes.

Rather than try to explain exactly what makes NecroBator tick in a few short phrases (and to avoid sounding like I’ m attempting to put some kind of zany marketing spin on things in the process) I encourage each of you to check the site out.

Embrace Your Inner Necro!

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