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The Races of Guild Wars 2

Updated Sun, Sep 19, 2010 by Sardu

Guild Wars 2 will feature five playable races at launch: Asura, Charr, Human, Norn and Sylvari. Each of these races will offer players unique racial skills, backgrounds, home instances and even starting locations within the game. While many details on gameplay specifics for the races of Tyria have yet to be revealed, we have put together a series of preview articles for each covering its history, known gameplay facts and its place in the evolving world of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Asura Concept Art


The short, though highly intellectual race known as the Asura reside along the Tarnished Coast in the great city of Rata Sum. A race of magical inventors, the asura are known for not only thier skills in creating servitor golums, but a great network of gates which allow the races of Tyria to traverse great distances at the blink of an eye. However, while the asura believe themselves to be superior to the other races of Tyria it will take the combined strengths of all five races to overcome the threat of the elder dragons.

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Guild Wars 2 Charr Concept Art


The fierce conquerers of Ascalon known as the Charr are faced with one of their greatest challenges: learning to fight along side of their former foes. However, not all of the charr legions have abandoned their beliefs in false gods, and the fearsome Flame Legion is but one of many foes the charr of the Black Citadel must overcome.

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Guild Wars 2 Human Concept Art


Having faced many great challenges throughout the ages - from the war with the charr in Ascalon to the devestating floods in Lion's Arch - the Human spirit has never faltered. Now residing in the great city of Divinity's Reach in Kryta and Ebonhawke in the Blazeridge Mountains, humanity may share the world stage with many other great races, though it still remains a race of nobility and strength.

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Guild Wars 2 Norn Concept Art


Driven from their homelands in the Far Shiverpeaks by the Ice Dragon Jormag, the Norn have since moved south, establishing the settlement of Hoelbrak. The norm are perhaps best known for their affinity with animal spirits from which they draw their great strength. They are even able to assume the form of their sacred totem beasts - bear, snow leopard, raven and wolf.

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Guild Wars 2 Sylvari Concept Art


While the Sylvari may be the newest race of Tyria, they are no less faced with many challenges. Among them are a group called the Nightmare Court which rejects the virtues of noble sylvari. If left unchecked, their evil deeds could currupt the Pale Tree herself, the same tree from which all sylvari life sprang forth.

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