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Possessing one of the most unique skill sets in the game, Udyr is not for everyone.  He lacks any kind of ranged threat or damage. He has no game-changing ultimate.  He is almost entirely
Possessing one of the most unique skill sets in the game, Udyr is not for everyone.  He lacks any kind of ranged threat or damage. He has no game-changing ultimate.  He is almost entirely reliant on jungling to provide ample gold and buffs to make him a threat. Even with all of these strikes against him, Udyr remains one of the dominant junglers of League of Legends. He is able to remain at near full life, and kill relatively quickly. And while he may lack the ranged capability of other junglers, he can close the gap very quickly and more importantly, keep it close, unlike a lot of other heroes. When you pick Udyr, you will bide your time until you can punch people in the face with raw animal rage. What’s not to like?

No fireballs or skill shots here.  Only martial arts and facebreaking.


Passive – Monkey’s Agility : Whenever you change stances, Udyr gains +3% dodge and +10% attack speed for 5 seconds, stacking up to three times.

Well, in case you didn’t know already, this is why Udyr jungles with relative ease and good speed. So long as you keep switching stances, Udyr is tougher to kill and kills faster. This is one of the best passives in the game since it will always be at 3 stacks when you are engaging people.

Tiger Stance – Udyr’s attack speed is increased by 35/45/55/65/75% in this stance, and his attack is split up into 3 quick strikes. Your next attack after activation does 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3 times your physical damage over 2 seconds as magic damage to the target.

Widely considered his worst stance, Tiger is not as bad as it is made out to be. Rather, it suffers from a few glaring problems. One is that it only triggers on hit effects on the first hit, negating a lot of the ridiculous bonuses it would have. Despite this, if your Madred’s Razor or Wriggle’s Lantern procs, it will only do 166 damage instead of the 500 damage, which hurts your jungling speed somewhat despite the increased attack speed.

The activated attack can do a large amount of damage with only one good attack item. With a Lantern, Manamune, and an elixir, Udyr’s Tiger strike will do about 650 magic damage to a target over 2 seconds and you can trigger it again very quickly. That’s nothing to laugh at. Rushing at a carry in Bear stance and then hitting Tiger to land the damage over time hit can make them panic and back off or, better yet, target you. You want that!

Turtle Stance – Udyr’s attacks in this stance passively steal life and mana, but cannot critical strike. Upon activation, Udyr gains a 60/110/160/210/260 damage shield for 5 seconds.

This stance represents part two of why Udyr is a jungling god. This is one of the best, if not the best tank skill in the game. You can trigger it like crazy and the damage is calculated against your shield *after* mitigation. That means if you build heavy defensive items, you can pretty much ignore towers and dive into people head on as long as you’re hitting Turtle every time it’s up. Any time you’re creeping and there aren’t any heroes around you should be in Turtle Stance filling up your life and mana.

Bear Stance – Udyr’s attacks in this stance will stun a target for 1 second, but he cannot stun the same target more than once every 6 seconds (but he can stun others during this time!). Activating this skill gives Udyr a speed boost for a few seconds.

Maxed out, this skill gives Udyr 27% movement for 4 seconds when activated. That’s basically a permanent Ghost with the Golem buff or some cooldown reduction. Add in the fact that you can hit Turtle stance in-between Bear stances and you have one of the best reasons to love Udyr—he’s friggin’ impossible to kill and can chase anyone down. Once you land that big bear stun, you immediately switch stances and start laying the hurt down on the stunned target. If there are multiple heroes around, you need to consider what will do more for the team.  Is it worth it to tunnel one target down? Or are you better off staying in bear, bouncing between targets and laying on random stuns to keep them off your allies and disrupted?

Phoenix Stance – Every fourth attack will emit a cone of fire in front of Udyr, dealing 40/80/120/160/200 damage. Activating this stance will emit 5 pulses of fire rapidly, dealing AoE damage to everyone near Udyr and increase his attack damage and ability power briefly for that time.

This is the stance for putting the hurt on groups. If there is a crowd of creeps that needs to be farmed, Phoenix it up. If there is a big team fight and your team has a way to keep them in place so you can get in the middle and light yourself on fire, this is the stance to hit. The earlier you level this stance up the faster you will clear the jungle out. It’s outstanding for clearing smaller creep camps in seconds and killing the smaller creeps at the larger camps without even attacking them directly.
No Ultimate – Udyr has 20 skill point options, but you only get 18 over the course of a game. Inevitably, one skill will not be maxed.

Bear? No way. It’s your mobility skill, your initation, your chasing, your everything!
Turtle? Hell, no. It’s how you stay alive under heavy burst!
Phoenix? Maybe. The AoE damage is respectable but you can go without it and leave it at level 3.

Tiger? Maybe. When not maxed out, Tiger is only useful for busting towers, but it still gets the job done at level 3 for that.

The decision is yours to make, however.


Your skill build will generally go:
Phoenix/Turtle/Phoenix/Bear/Phoenix/max turtle and bear/max 3rd skill you decide on/dump the rest.

It *is* possible to jungle with Tiger though. Tiger is a faster jungler at first, and Tiger will get you solid burst early on once you pick up your Madred’s/Wriggles, since those have a decent damage boost on them.  It’s a little more tedious to farm in Tiger though, and having your instant minion kills proc for 166 instead of 500 damage is frustrating to say the least.

Udyr is one of those junglers that is basically forced to start on Golem or be set back slightly. Buy a cloth armor and 5 health potions, and immediately get into position in the grass by your Golem.  You want to be in a position to see if your opposition rushes to your location to place a sight ward.

If they warded it:
Back off for a second, and start on the wolves nearby, hitting your stance of choice once during the fight. Start running towards the wraiths, and evaluate the situation. Do they have heroes in the lanes? Do they have a jungler, and does he have smite? Hit tab. Does he have any creep kills yet, or is he waiting to snipe your Golem with Smite as you’re fighting it? Can you call in someone from the top or bottom lane to spot for you in the river or grass?
My point is--you need that golem. You might have to take a chance to get it, if the opportunity arises. But otherwise, keep on trucking towards those wraiths. If there still isn’t a clear shot, hit a potion, Smite the blue wraith and hit another stance to work over the remaining ghosts. Repeat for the Golems, hitting another potion as the first one ends, and recall.  Now at this point, you have to go for the Golem or the Lizard. You have an option here.

Did they place the ward inside the grass, or just at the golem spawn point?
If the answer is the latter, you can take a chance and pull the camp with Smite from the tall grass. It can reach the little guys, and since you have a second level at this point, you can kill it much quicker and efficiently by switching between Turtle and your stance of choice. Unless they are paying keen attention to that location directly, you will not show up on the radar and you will take the golem from right beneath their eyes!
If it’s in the grass, take the Lizard and begin killing the respawning rotation of Wolves/wraiths/golem. Once your second pass is done, you can pick up boots and go for Golem regardless of the ward (it’s most likely gone if the game has gone past the 7 minute mark) and begin ganking.

...they didn’t do any of this shit, Stow.
Stand next to the golem. Hit your stance on spawn, hit your potion once you’re hit, and just go in a big circle of the map. Golem->Wolves->Wraiths->mini Golems->Lizard->gank/recall -> repeat is generally the way to go.

Core Items

Wriggle’s Lantern – One of the most efficient items in the game, it gives Udyr incredible lifesteal in Turtle, incredible jungling speed combined with his attack speed passive, and free wards to cover his ass or keep an eye out in important areas over the course of the game.

Randuin’s Omen – Udyr is always in the thick of things. Always chasing someone, always punching people, always running around on fire… so you might as well get this to ensure you survive those tower hits, and have an activated ability to slow them further once you get in there. What’s scarier than a charging pissed off bear? One that does an AoE slow once he arrives!

Force of Nature/Banshee’s Veil – Udyr’s Turtle stance is great at mitigating damage, but you need a solid magic resist item to make it more manageable with your base shield. Enter these two items. The former will be better late game when you have a massive pile of HP, and it’ll enable you to stay in a fight forever between Turtle stance and your new regen. The latter is good against heroes with powerful disables, and can ensure you make it to the first target for that critical BEAR SMASH!

One Sunfire Cape – Udyr is beefy, but he needs more of a presence in fights. This’ll give it to him, and makes his phoenix fire look even more ridiculous. The health is a nice bonus!

Optional/Situational Items

Manamune – In a world where Udyr wants to go Tiger stance to level 5, and wants to let his allies get Golem at some point, Udyr loves Manamune. You will never run out of mana, and over a much shorter time than most heroes, you will have a gigantic mana pool and great physical damage as a result.

Black Cleaver – You will always be auto-attacking someone, and crit is often wasted on you due to how often you’ll be in Turtle stance or doing a 1/3rd crit from your Tiger stance. This’ll give you a large amount of damage for Tiger’s big strike, and soften up anyone you hit for the real physical carry on your team to rip through in a few shots, or start adding up to some scary damage from you if you stay focused.


There is a general consensus that 9 or 10 points in utility is required to jungle with Udyr, for the longer lasting Lizard buff.  Most will have you taking 21 defense, taking the reduced neutral damage and physical damage masteries along the way, and then taking improved experience and neutral buff duration along the way.

But sometimes you can’t get Lizard, or Golem. Shit happens. If you don’t want to live your life around a red or blue buff, 8/21/1 provides some of the fastest jungling you can ask for – with improved smite, attack speed, and 1 point in improved Ghost or regeneration for chasing or endurance.


Dodge yellows are a no-brainer as mana isn’t a problem for Udyr past the early/mid game.  Scaling magic resistance blues will give you more of a buffer until you can buy your first big magic resist item, and the reds are honestly your call. Armor penetration will benefit you more early, Magic penetration will benefit you more late. Take Armor penetration if you’re going Tiger or take Magic if you’re going Phoenix.

Summoner Spells

Smite is a necessary evil. Your other spell is up to you. If you favor a very gank-heavy playstyle, Exhaust is wonderful on Udyr. Land a bear stun, exhaust when it’s done, then land another bear stun. Chances are, that person is dead twice-over. Ghost can give you an edge on runners that Bear stance alone cannot close the gap on.


Udyr is a beefy tank that excels at jungling and disrupting the enemy team. When Udyr runs head long at a person after screaming into Bear stance, that person *will* move/panic.  Much like Garen, he is capable of doing respectable damage with no real offensive item help. Focus down your enemy’s squishy carries, but remember that you’re great at messing with the enemy team trying to do the same as well! When in doubt, hit Bear stance and punch everyone in the face. A nice little 5 man rotation of bear bitch slaps. Don’t worry guys, Udyr’s got enough for everyone!

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