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Much like the other games of the genre, League of Legends has a large learning curve to it.   In order to even have a slim chance of victory, you must know your hero.  To have a real shot, you must know your opponents as well.  You need to know the game better than anyone else, and that's what we've created these guides for to convey the wisdom and knowledge of our finest players here at Ten Ton Hammer.

Each hero has a simple skillset, but there is much more to playing each hero than just the skills they pose at face value.  Click a picture to be taken to a guide for the hero, and more will be added each week!

Master Yi

The Wuju Swordsman


The Mad Alchemist


The Animal Spirit


The Tiny Master of Evil


The Rabble Rouser


The Maven of the Strings


The Will of the Blades

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