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The beard is where his true power comes from.  Or it's just a clever ruse to try and hide how fat Gragas really is.

To play Gragas is to play the most disruptive hero in League of Legends.  Gragas is capable of charging around the field, dishing out tons of damage with good range, and has the most forceful disruption spell in the game in Explosive Cask.  He may be a total lard ass, but you can really throw your weight around to great effect on Summoner’s Rift!



                - High HP and great survivability with Drunken Rage regardless of build.

                - Body Slam goes through walls, up cliffs, and has a huge hitbox just like Gragas, giving him great mobility and ganking potential.

                - Explosive Cask can counter ganks, initiate ganks, save teammates, force a fight, and basically do everything an initiator can ask for.

- Can basically be built any way.  Tank, hybrid tank, AP caster, even some attack/crit builds work early on. 



                - Really hard to kill people with late game.  Gragas’ ultimate scales poorly and the real threat of knockback doesn’t scale at all.

                - Needs to be drunk at all times in order to do effective damage in physical combat or be good at taking damage.  As such, if a fight goes on too long, Gragas may need to pause and drink to remain durable.

                - Attacks are all skillshots and can be dodged or even used against you with Flash or some skills in the case of Explosive Cask.  You are only as good as your aim, or as bad as the other player is.




Passive - Happy Hour - Anytime Gragas casts a spell, he regenerates 2% of his max HP over the next 4 seconds.


                Gragas is a laning monster with this passive.  It doesn’t matter what you cast, even if you drink, your HP will start regenerating.  The longer a fight goes, the more you’ll get back over time.  Even if you don’t have a target in range, you can cast a spell to get some HP back when laning.


Barrel Roll - Gragas rolls his cask to the target area, where it will wait for 5 seconds and then explode, or can be detonated immediately by pressing Q again once it arrives at the thrown area.  Slows attack speed by 20/25/30/35/40% of targets hit.  0.9 AP Ratio.


                Gragas’ Q spell has a very, very long range.  Unfortunately it’s not as good at poking as you think, as the barrel does have to roll to the target location before it can be blown.  Note that if your target runs forward, and you have it aimed directly on him, you can miss since you cannot detonate the barrel until it reaches the location you threw it to.  Even if you don’t go for an ability power build, an early point here can be used to deny physical carries or gankers, and late game can greatly reduce the power of heroes such as Ashe and Tryndamere, who often don’t have a lot of attack speed backing up their powerful crits.


Drunken Rage - Gragas takes a sip for a second, restoring mana at the start and end of the drink. If he finishes the drink, he gains 30/40/50/60/70 bonus damage and 10/14/18/22/26% damage reduction on all incoming damage for 20 seconds.


                One of the main reasons Gragas dominates early on is in this spell.  This is basically everything you could ask for.  It gives back mana and costs nothing to cast, it increases his physical damage to the point of easy last hits and threatening harass, and it even reduces incoming damage to give him tower diving potential.  Once at max level, Gragas will be as durable as most tanks regardless of items while this buff is on him!


                Basically, stay drunk!  Drink when it’s up.  Drink before you engage, drink to victory, just don’t drink and drive.


Body Slam - Gragas charges forward, colliding with the first target in his path and dealing damage to targets in a small area around the target.  Splits the damage dealt amongst the hit targets and reduces their move speed by 35% for 2.5 seconds.


                Body Slam is the other big thing going for Gragas early on.  It’s on a really short cooldown, and after you get it to level 3, starts doing massive damage and is quick enough to not be dodged easily.  The more you level it, the faster it goes and the more guaranteed damage it does regardless of the targets in the area.  If you hit a target alone, Body Slam deals ridiculous damage regardless of items.  Body Slam also scales with physical damage, so drinking before you run into people will further increase the hurt you put on them, and the successive hits you land while they are slowed.  A solo Gragas can beat a lot of heroes just by drinking and running into them repeatedly, especially if they are ranged and not hanging out nearby other targets to split the damage between!


                Use Body Slam to get around faster and run through cliffs or thin packs of trees!  Gragas doesn’t give a damn about obstacles on the map, or if heroes Flash up cliffs to escape.  Gragas can run them down and drink them under the table.


Ultimate - Explosive Cask - Gragas quickly hurls his cask to an area, dealing 200/325/450 damage.  Enemies hit by the cask are sent flying in the direction opposite the explosion relative to their position.  1.0 AP ratio, 60 second cooldown.


                If you don’t fear Gragas already for his ability to lane, you’ll fear him for his ability to initiate and defend his team.  Explosive Cask sends people a rather large distance, about 600-700 range.  You can use this to save allies, to stop retreating foes, to interrupt channeling spells, to blast a carry out of the fight, and more.  Between Body Slam and Explosive Cask, Gragas is basically impossible to gank barring bad luck or aim.


                If you’re going AP caster Gragas, this is your bread and butter right here.  Soften people up with Barrel Rolls and go for the one-two kill with a roll into an ultimate.   Even if you’re not going caster, knock people into you, and then while they’re flying, aim your Body Slam right into their new position and start putting the hurt on them.  This is one of the most dreaded skills in the game to come up against.


                Just be damn careful with this.  If you aim poorly, you might save that enemy, or doom that teammate by knocking the enemy carry into him!


Typical Items may vary by build, but here are a few basic ones


Mejal’s Soulstealer - Gragas is exceptional at survival and assists.  If you’re aggressive early on, you should have no trouble getting a large number of stacks on here, which will increase your offensive potency greatly regardless of build.


Aegis of the Legion - Gragas will be in the thick of it, slamming into people, drinking on their dead bodies and generally being a pain in the ass.  You might as well pack this to increase the durability of those skinny mages and carries around you, and make yourself a good bit tougher in the process.




Magic Penetration reds, Dodge Yellows, and Cooldown Reduction blues are the way to go for your basic runes.  All of your abilities, including Body Slam, deal magic damage.  Gragas has no real need for mana regeneration unless you’re going pure caster, and then you’ll probably get regeneration through an Archangel’s Staff anyway.  Cooldown reduction is important on Gragas in order to stay drunk and get that all-powerful ultimate back up that much quicker.




It really depends on how you play him.  Casters will do 9/0/21 for the cooldown reduction and magic penetration.  Tanks will do 9/21/0 for the magic penetration, increased AP over time, and improved defenses.  Junglers will likely do 0/21/9 for the defensive boosts and increased buff duration since a Gragas with the Lizard buff is impossible to run away from!


Summoner Spells


Aggressive Gragas players can roll with Exhaust and Ignite at the same time, relying strictly on their basic skills for survival.  The combination of those two give Gragas almost a guaranteed kill if he can single out a target from the pack with an Explosive Cask or run into someone in the jungle. 


Defensive players should pack Ghost, which will give him great chasing potential with Body Slam and Explosive Cask.  Flash is optional with Body Slam, but Gragas really should pack Smite if he’s going to the jungle.  It is possible for Gragas to jungle with only a red elixir, but inefficient compared to the other Smite-less junglers.




Gragas is one of those heroes that you see on the loading screen before combat and you just get annoyed instantly.  Very rarely will a Gragas player be able to carry a team to victory through killing power, but his ability to just be a pain in the ass is unrivaled.  He will knock you around, he will slow you down, he will cripple your carries and drink on your corpses.  He is the Rabble Rouser, and he is a wonderful addition to any team.

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