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Sona is a ranged support version of our lovely friend Udyr, the animal spirit that runs around punching people in the face.  She has the same passi

Sona is a ranged support version of our lovely friend Udyr, the animal spirit that runs around punching people in the face.  She has the same passive/active effects on all of her base skills, but she has very few of the problems Udyr runs into.  She has a long range, fairly good attack animation for scoring last hits when they come up.  She has a fantastic stun with a fairly long range, that can be aimed to hit behind walls or up cliffs.  She has none of the scaling issues Udyr does since all of her skills are enhanced by ability power and not attack damage.

The only thing Sona is lacking is a real personality.  It's difficult to taunt your opponents without a voice.

So with a short cooldown heal, movement speed burst, long range nuke, and massive area of effect stun ultimateÂ… we have by far and away the most valuable support champion in League of Legends at the moment!


Passive : Power Chord : Every third spell cast will cause SonaÂ’s next attack to do bonus magic damage based on her level.

                Sona has a very powerful laning phase, and this is one of the main reasons.  Her basic attack range is long, and every time this comes up, you can smack a hero for a good chunk of damage.  If you need to last hit a melee or cannon creep, this will make it a guaranteed kill as well.  Late game, when you are chaining spells as fast as you can, you can occasionally do a quick attack during a chase for some good bonus damage.

Hymn of Valor - Passively increases attack damage and ability power of Sona and all nearby allied champions.  When activated, it does damage to two nearby targets, targeting enemy Champions in range if possible.  6 second cooldown.

                Welcome to one of the most annoying spells in the game to fight against.  If you are chasing Sona at all, this will likely hit you, even from a mile away.  The targeting on this is a little iffy when you are the one chasing them, as the spell seems to do the hit check a split second after cast from a location.  So if youÂ’re moving forward towards an enemy, the spell hit check will go off a little ways behind you and possibly not hit the enemy when they should be in range.  Just the same, when running away, it will hit enemies that seem out of range when you cast it.  Test this when youÂ’re battling Sona vs. Sona in a lane, and youÂ’ll see what I mean.

                Even if youÂ’re ignoring ability power in favor of cooldown reduction and support items, you will want to blast this song every time itÂ’s up and you have an ally nearby/enemy in range.  It basically gives 500 gold in free damage/AP to every ally around you!

Aria of Perseverance – Passively increases armor and magic resist of Sona and nearby allied champions.  When activated, heals Sona and a nearby wounded allied champion for 40/65/90/115/140.

                This is the main reason Sona is frustrating to play against.  If you wound her but not kill her, she will immediately begin healing herself and nearby allies quickly.  Wars outside your tower seem fruitless when your poking attacks are negated by her short cooldown, auto-targeting heal.  The heal will automatically target the most wounded friendly nearby, and has a stunningly large range.   If everyone isnÂ’t at full, you hit this skill when itÂ’s up.   And even if they are, you hit it anyway to get that defensive aura up!

Song of Celerity – Passively boosts all friendly units movespeed by 8/11/14/17/20.  When activated, gives 8/11/14/17/20% bonus as well for 1.5 seconds

                Oh look!  ItÂ’s a mini team Ghost on command!  Leveling this early will make you invincible to ganks and give your lanemate a much more potent offense, but the other two skills are so good as well.  Late game, youÂ’ll be hammering this constantly to give your team the speed to position themselves  as they see fit, and chase stragglers with ease.

Ultimate – Crescendo – Sona blasts a tune that causes all enemies hit to dance for 1.5 seconds and take 150/250/350 damage.

                This hits everything in a wide line, and has a long range to boot.  The cooldown is massive, but this can be used to escape in a pinch, save allies, and set up an enemy team for a beatdown.  Basically this is the best skill you could ask for with the 3 base skills she already has.  It has a slight cast time, so be careful when aiming this at people chasing you or already meleeing you.  If theyÂ’re expecting it, they can run by you and dodge it completelyÂ… and likely ruin your day a second later.

Playstyle and Recent Nerfs

All you have to do in team fights is mash the hell out of your basic skills and watch your positioning.  Stay close enough to hit targets with Valor, but stay far enough away that you donÂ’t get singled out with a stun and beat down.  DonÂ’t blow your ultimate immediately and wait for the critical moment to turn the fight upside down.  Keep in mind that your auras will only stay active for two seconds, so you can only twist two auras to be up at any given time.  Make your movement speed burst count!

Key Items

Innervating Locket – A chunk of health, a chunk of mana, and a self heal of both that is going to always be active when it counts.  On top of that, one of SonaÂ’s main goals is cooldown reduction, and hitting the 40% cap is easy once you have this.

ShureliaÂ’s Reverie – Health, regen, and an active that stacks with your Celerity song to make your team move at 88 miles per hour for 2 seconds.  And it has even more cooldown reduction!

Archangel’s Staff – Sona casts more spells than anyone else in the game, so she will not only get a ton of AP from this, but a ton of max mana to keep those songs flowing.

Optional Items

MejalÂ’s Soulstealer – If you have an arranged team and you think things will go well, pick this up.  Sona will not die a lot once team fights start (assuming you win them!)  and this will give you a ton of AP in a hurry for a little cost.

Rod of Ages – A lot of key stats for Sona, but it suffers from a high cost/build up and you donÂ’t have a lot of time to last hit when youÂ’re playing the best support hero in the game.  If you are being fed the Golem buff when itÂ’s up, then you can consider this instead of other forms of cooldown reduction.

Aegis of the Legion – Sona will almost always be with her team when it counts, and this will give her some much needed survivability and pass it on to her allies—and it stacks with her healing aura as well!


9/0/21 is the most popular way to go.  Take the magic penetration and cooldown reduction offensive skills, and then take the obvious skills on your way down to the bottom of Utility.  Save a point for Improved Clairvoyance if you are planning on using it.


Reds are up to you, but magic penetration will help a lot early game.  Take scaling mana regen yellows and blues, or take magic resist blues if youÂ’re not planning on building any form of defensive item throughout the game.

Summoner Spells

You have the option of going for both improved flash and ghost, as well as the all-seeing clairvoyance.  Clarity is nice, but once your runes and items kick in, will quickly fall in usefulness.  If you donÂ’t have a clairvoyance on your team already, take it and the survival skill of your choice, but otherwise take both Ghost and Flash.  Sona will be focused, and you donÂ’t want to have to blow your ultimate every time to survive!


Sona is a powerhouse support hero that will inevitably see some serious nerfs when the balance team at Riot can figure out how to do it without ruining her completely, while still making the other support heroes a viable pick when she exists.  To play her well is to do two things: position yourself in the best possible place for offense while not being too vulnerable and mashing the ever loving hell out of Q W E when in team battles.

ItÂ’s so easy, but so good.  Udyr wishes he had his stance switching this easy!

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